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04 Jun Top 10 Tips to reduce the cost of running your fridge & deep freeze
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How much does it cost you to run your refrigerator monthly?The refrigerator is the largest energy consuming white appliance in many homes. Because almost all homes have at least one refrigerator, and refrigerators run 24 hours a day.You may need to k..
31 May How to Keep Food Cold at a Picnic
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No matter what time of the year you are going to have a picnic, keeping hot or cold foods and drinks at their optimum temperatures will increase the pleasure you will get from the activity you will do with nature. Buying a car refrigerator will be th..
27 May Comfort with the Right Equipment in the Truck and the Truck
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With the right interior equipment for your truck, you can make your days on the road as comfortable as possible. Even small changes in standard equipment can provide a better quality of life. We have compiled tips that can make you comfortable in you..
18 May Top 10 Tips for Camping in Summer
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Summer is one of the best seasons for adventure. The country was closed almost year round now the weather is good and you can manage to stay away from work for a few days. It's time to put some stuff in your car, hit the road and escape to nature.Kee..
14 May How to Power Your Camping Fridge for Longer
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Power consumption is one of the most discussed features of camping refrigerators among campers. The question everyone is asking is, "How many amps does it draw?" or “how long will it run from my battery?”. Vehicle refrigerators, which are the biggest..
04 May 7 Things You Should Know About Car Refrigerators
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If you enjoy camping and outdoor boating, you definitely need a car refrigerator. These portable refrigerators help you keep your food fresh or frozen. It also makes your time outdoors more enjoyable.There are many types and sizes of refrigerator fri..
01 Apr How Clean Your Refrigirator ?
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How to deep clean your fridgeFive simple steps to a sparkling and beautifully organised fridgeIf you only buy a product or item you need when you need it. You should take your time to do a really good and thorough cleaning of your refrigerator.Refrig..
24 Mar How to choose mobile fridge ?
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Refrigerators made for a portable camping are a mobile cooling system powered by your car's 12-volt electrical system to keep your food and beverages cold (or frozen) indefinitely. This portable fridge is more expensive than the cooler box, but you d..
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