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Vehicle Refrigerator Solar Energy Battery Set - Half Day (All Models)

Vehicle Refrigerator Solar Energy Battery Set - Half Day (All Models)


The products are produced in accordance with the Tropical Climate Class. Tropical climate class is the climate class between 18 ° C and 43 ° C. We are pleased to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in the tropical monsoon climate region in West Africa.


There are extra protection systems in our products. Thanks to these protections, our products work healthier.
Reverse connection protection prevents and protects the system if the battery polarity is reversed.
Undervoltage protection, if low voltage is applied, the system is protected and stopped.
High voltage protection, If high voltage is applied, the system is protected and stopped.
Overheat protection, this protection stops the product if the system is operated in an extremely hot environment or if the vents are blocked.
High pressure protection protects the system if high pressure occurs in the system (closure of air ducts, excessive heat, etc.).
Minimum engine speed protection protects the engine if the engine cannot achieve the minimum speed.
The battery protection system prevents the battery from discharging.
Fan motor over current protection system stops the system when the fan motor draws excessive current. It prevents the product from drawing excessive current.


You can easily use the model that suits you by examining our solar powered 12V refrigerator / freezer power kits for solar panel applications. Our product is also suitable for 24V systems.


Performance tests of the products are made according to TSE EN ISO 15502 standard. Safety tests of the products are carried out according to EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-24 standards.


For productions that meet military standards of NATO, WHO, UNDP or other organizations, please inform us in advance.


Please inform us in advance for productions that meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) or humanitarian aid organizations.

Door No
Energy-saving Yes
Power 60W
Power Supply Solar panel
Model STAL50
Capacity 500Wh/day
Material DKP
Device Type Solar Power Kit
Battery Type Gel Cordless
Net Weight 25kg (Cabinet)
Product Dimensions
Carton Box Dimensions 50*40*50cm
Dimensions (Panel) 45*60cm
Color Blue

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Vehicle Refrigerator Solar Energy Battery Set - Half Day (All Models)
Compressored Refrigerator
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  • Model: STAL50
  • Weight: 14.00kg
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All of our products come with a high quality 12/24V Power Cord as Standard.


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