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DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler

DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler
DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler
DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler
DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler
DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler
DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler

Fridgers 12/24VDC Portable Car Refrigerators are suitable for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, buses, trucks, boats, yachts and caravans.

With its safety systems, it works fully compatible and efficient with all the vehicles and devices it powers and supplies. With the quality of materials used in its production and the technologies it adopts, it serves with the same stability for many years with leading efficiency compared to its competitors.
German microcellular foam and cyclopentane insulation material, which disconnects the frozen food stored for later consumption from the outside world where temperature fluctuations that can break the cold chain are experienced, keeps your food and beverages at the same temperature for a long time even if the power is cut off, allowing you to consume your food at the desired time and freshness.
Complemented by a super-quiet and highly efficient compressor supplied by world-renowned companies, our design marvel vehicle refrigerators represent our 38 years of experience in terms of comfort and lifespan.
Fridgers DC38 series with LG compressor cooling technology keeps your food and beverages cold and fresh on your daily journey. Easy temperature adjustment with the LED display control panel keeps different types of food in good condition. This model has two separate compartments for easy storage and provides easy interior lighting. Enjoy an easy journey with our DC38 refrigerators.

Voltage DC 12/24 V - AC100/240 V
Model DC38
Usage Areas Mobile Refrigerator; LG Compressor, Double Cabinet Double Temperature Setting, Wheeled, Lithium Battery Powered (Optional), Solar Panel Input, Car, Truck, Bus, Caravan, Camping, Travel, Movie Set, Beach, Picnic, Fishing, Military, Festival, etc.
Temperature Range -20 / +20°C
Net Weight 15.5 KG
Gross Weight 17.7 KG
Power Consumption 60W
Product Dimensions
Fridge Dimensions 653x369x487mm
Color Gray / Black
2 Years Warranty 2 Years Warranty

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DC38 Car Freezer + Cooler
Compressored Refrigerator
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All our refrigerator models come standard with a high quality 12/24V Power Cord.


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