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Fridgers Car Refrigerator Lithium Battery - LIFEPO60

Fridgers Car Refrigerator Lithium Battery - LIFEPO60

LIFEPO60 is a portable solar lithium storage solution that puts natural power at your fingertips. Weighing only 9kg, the LIFEPO60 is versatile enough to be used for various applications such as Car Refrigerator, Led Lamp, Mobile Phone/Tablet Charger.

Take it with you on camping or trips, use it as an alternative power source at home, or have it ready in case of an emergency power outage. It can be used to charge a range of devices and electronics, so get mobile power close at hand with the LIFEPO30 without the noise and fumes of a generator.

Multiple Output:

It has USB 2.0, USB-C, DC output jack, cigarette lighter plug and 10A DC port.

Easy Charge:

It can be charged by solar panel and AC adapter charger.

High Lithium Battery Capacity:

768Wh (12.8V 60Ah) LiFePO4 battery capacity

Long Battery Life:

2000+ cycles at 80% discharge depth means long-lasting power.

Portable and Compact:

It weighs only 9kg and you can easily carry it with you anywhere.

Eco-Friendly and Quiet Power:

No smoke or noise. No oil or air filter changes, no carburetors to stick to, no fuel stabilizer required; The super quiet nature-friendly power is always with you with the LIFEPO60.

Energy-saving Yes
Power Supply Solar Panel and AC Adapter
Voltage 12.8V
Model LIFEPO60
Capacity 60Ah - 768Wh
Device Type Portable Solar Lithium Battery
Battery Type LiFePO4 Battery

Fridgers Car Refrigerator Lithium Battery - LIFEPO60
Compressored Refrigerator
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  • Model: LIFEPO60
  • Weight: 9.00kg
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