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Fridgers Polycrystalline Solar Panel 55 W

Fridgers Polycrystalline Solar Panel 55 W
Fridgers Polycrystalline Solar Panel 55 W
Fridgers Polycrystalline Solar Panel 55 W
Fridgers Polycrystalline Solar Panel 55 W

Importance of Solar Energy

Solar energy is the world's largest, valuable and unlimited natural resource. Over time, many steps have been taken and inventions have been made about benefiting from the sun. These steps and inventions have been developed over time and tried to be organized according to our lives with great potential. Products made with solar energy are extremely affordable in terms of cost. It is also a great advantage that they are beneficial for both people and nature.

With the development and progress of technology, there are changes in every aspect of our lives. The contribution of many solar powered products to both people and the environment is an undeniable fact. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the unlimited energy offered to us by the sun is used in various fields and emphasized frequently.

The use of different resources in nature for years or even hundreds of years and the risk of running out of these resources have led us to find new solutions and develop them. The largest and most beneficial of these is energy production using solar energy. In recent years, breakthroughs in the use of new resources have created a very serious capacity to meet the energy need, which is one of our biggest problems.

The environmental friendliness of products with different usage conditions working with solar energy is extremely important in terms of preventing increasing pollution. Solar energy, which is not harmful to people's health and nature's life cycle, can easily meet our electricity needs.

The capacity of the energy from the sun is very large, so it is necessary to take advantage of the sun. Industry, industry, automotive, flat, land etc. It is very important to use solar energy in every area that is and will continue to be in our lives and to develop and renew them over time. The correct and appropriate use of this endless resource is very important for us in order to prevent the deterioration of the balance of nature and for future generations to live in a cleaner world.

Coal or natural gas-fired power plants cause environmental problems. In addition, their own generators require large amounts of water to keep the temperature of the piping systems stable. Solar energy systems do not need water to operate. This does not reduce our water resources and reduces water pollution.

It is very costly to set up an electricity grid, especially in rural areas, which is an advantage for solar energy. Considering the electricity prices and the cost of installing the lines, installing solar energy would be a much more logical move. It should not be forgotten that there will be power cuts in places that are connected to the grid.

Another nice thing about solar energy is that the energy to be produced after the installation cost is paid is free. The fuel of these systems is the sun and this system will continue to work as long as there is sun. Another beautiful aspect of this system is that wherever it is built (house, land, land, workplace, etc.), it will add value to that place and will increase the value of your property in material terms.

Cell Size (mm) 52.25x157
Maximum Power 55 Wp
Maximum Power Current 2.83
Maximum Power Voltage 19.73
Number of Cells 36 (4x9)
Open Circuit Voltage 23.22
Operating Temperature Range -40 ~ +85°C
Short Circuit Current 3.00
Net Weight 4.2 Kg
Income 12 V
Product Dimensions
Dimensions (Panel) 680x554x20
2 Years Warranty 2 Years Warranty
Fridgers Polycrystalline Solar Panel 55 W
Compressored Refrigerator
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  • Model: Polikristal Güneş Paneli 55 W
  • Weight: 4.20kg
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