Why the Refrigerator Makes Noise
It is the cooling fan motor that serves to cool the main engine in the refrigerator structure. This fan can wear out over time and make noise. The fan motor is usually activated together with the motor and is deactivated as soon as the cabinet goes to automatic. If the sound is coming from the fan motor, the sound coming from your refrigerator will stop with the replacement of the authorized service.
If you have a no frost refrigerator, it may be due to the air circulation fan inside. This fan, which provides cold air flow, can wear out your engine over time and cause it to make noise. To understand whether the sound is coming from this fan, open one of the doors while the refrigerator is running. If this sound goes away, the reason for the sound is definitely the fan. Because when you open the refrigerator door, the fan turns off.
There may also be noise due to the wear of the main engine of your refrigerator. The engine of your refrigerator is running very high, especially at night, it can reach disturbing levels. The sound of the engine and when it switches to automatic or when it starts to work for the first time, it can make gurgling sounds. The solution to this situation is a complete replacement of the engine. There is not much to be done in this situation. Engine changes are also quite expensive. Replacing the engine or buying a new refrigerator will solve the problem.
In addition, it is quite disturbing to hear a Plug and Play Sound from the refrigerator. It is one of the problems encountered especially in summer seasons. Due to the warming of the weather in the summer seasons, various tones may begin to come from the refrigerator.
Among the reasons for the taste clicking sound from the refrigerator;
-The feet of the refrigerator may not be adjustable. In this case, your refrigerator will vibrate and make a sound. In order for the sound to go away, you must adjust the foot settings of your refrigerator.
-This sound may be heard while the ice formed in the freezer section of no frost refrigerators is being defrosted during melting.
- Glassware or jars inside the refrigerator may be hitting each other.
-Abrasion of compressor compressions.
-Abrasion of the outer fan motor bushings.
-The crashing sound from the fan motor due to frost in the freezer section.
-Abrasion of the fan motor bushings of the freezer compartment.
We would like to point out that if you think there is a malfunction in your refrigerator, you should first consult the authorized service. By dealing with malfunctions at home that you cannot do yourself, you will both lose time and cause bigger problems if you do something wrong. It can also force you financially.