What the Nature-Friendly Camper Should Do at the Campground
The main center of the camps we do or will do is to protect the eco system. This is a very important topic and a nature lover needs to instill this in everyone around them. Another important sine qua non of campers is being nature friendly, however, it should be our most important rule to spread environmental awareness and show and tell people the beauties of nature and nature.
Imagine a quiet, beautiful and peaceful camp in nature. Who does not want a camp where you can breathe away from city noise, car noise and environmental pollution. However, there are things that need to be done in the camping areas we go to, first of which are issues such as clean environment and zero waste. So, what should we pay attention to as a camper, let's examine them together;
You should keep your campsite clean from the first day you go. Excuses such as I clean it in the evening, I clean it tomorrow morning are wrong for a nature friend. When the camp team that will come after you goes to the area, they should find it clean so that they can leave a clean area. Just don't even think about whether my cleaning will work, because it will. We have to respect people first and then nature.
-You should throw the garbage in your hand into the trash can or garbage bag while walking or walking around the camp. We shouldn't say that a plastic bag or plastic is okay, because the reason is obvious. At least 1000 years after the plastic bags are released into the nature, they completely dissolve. Likewise, processes such as 500 years for plastic dishes and 400 years for pet bottles are required. We leave you the calculation of how many years the average human life is worth.
-Chemical-based detergents used for cleaning purposes in nature harm living things. Instead of using such cleaning products, you can make cleaning products yourself with natural ingredients. For example, you can produce cleaning products that do not harm the nature by using vinegar water, olive oil soap powder, a few drops of arabic soap or fragrant essential oils. In addition, the ash of the campfire you lit at night also makes your dishes clean.


-One of the most important issues is to light a fire. If you see a predetermined place where a fire has been lit in the area where you will camp, be careful to light the fire there. Do not forget that there are points to be considered when lighting and extinguishing the fire. Before you go camping, you should learn how to light a fire and how to extinguish it. You are entirely responsible for your campfire. Before you go to bed, make sure to put it out safely. A spark or an ignition can cause a fire and this will cause a great deal of damage to the environment.
-Liquid soap is a practical option, but it consumes about 5 times more energy than solid soap. Liquid soap contains more carbon and more plastic, so opt for solid soap.
- Of course, you will eat and drink something during the camp, but the issue of waste oil is a must in this article. Collect your waste oils in a safe container and leave them at the waste oil collection units when you return to the city. Waste oil should never be thrown into nature.
We wish you beautiful, happy and peaceful camps…