What Do You Know About Portable Car Refrigerators?

The choice of electrical appliances for modern people is gradually going in parallel with the comfort and convenience of life, so research and development of a series of portable electrical appliances continues from year to year. Among these electrical devices, a portable car refrigerator is a type that has just entered our lives and has a great effect on comfort.

Portable car refrigerators that you can use throughout the year, keeping food cold and freezing make our lives more convenient and comfortable in terms of the advantages we will gain while using them. In order to ensure not only the freshness and taste of food, but also to protect your health, we need to control the refrigerator temperature appropriate for the food you carry or store and adjust the refrigerator temperature as the situation changes. Having a portable car refrigerator makes it easier for people to store and transport their food and is a healthy option.

Portable car refrigerator is an electronic cooling device with temperature adjustment function. The inner insulation material of the refrigerator is completely waterproof, and other parts are also water resistant. Therefore, occasional splashes or contact with water from the outside will not cause the frozen food or ice in the refrigerator to thaw.

The portable car refrigerator is known to have a waterproof and leakproof structure, so we can guarantee that there will be no liquid leakage even if the car refrigerator is completely upside down. In addition, the portable car refrigerator is surrounded by a layer of insulation material with a thickness of 2.5 cm, and the bottom layer of insulation material is cm thick. This ensures that even if the portable car refrigerator is placed on the surface of a hot object, the inner ice will melt and remain in its same form.

Portable car refrigerators use state-of-the-art efficient compressors with fast cooling feature, operation with fluorine-free refrigerants, stable working principle, low noise, long service life, temperature with memory function and a display that can be adjusted for other settings. Refrigerator circuit design adopts startup technology with error control system to ensure stable operation of the machine. A portable car refrigerator works with a sequence of computer operations, which can automatically check for fault and inform with indicator light. There are high-level protection systems in Fridgers products. Every protection has been considered so that your portable car refrigerator will operate with the same stability, such as turning itself off at extreme temperatures when the battery polarities are reversed, when the portable car refrigerator is exposed to low and high voltage levels, if it is operated in a limited ventilation and in an extremely hot environment. In addition, our products, which work more safely thanks to these protection systems, are the market leader thanks to their quality and long life, thanks to you, our valued customers. If high pressure occurs in the system, the high pressure protection system and low engine speed protection protect the engine if the engine cannot provide the minimum speed. There is battery protection that ensures the discharge of the battery and the power to start in the battery, especially in mobile vehicles such as caravans and trucks.


Are Portable Car Refrigerators Easy and Common to Use?

Consumers today have different requirements when purchasing a portable car refrigerator. For example, cold drinks are indispensable for drivers while driving in summer. However, it may not be possible to keep iced drinks at the same temperature due to various reasons such as air temperature and space. These cold foods can be stored in a simple ice pack, but this cannot maintain the desired coldness and keep the beverage cold for long.

In many electronic goods and e-commerce forums, you can see promotions about "portable refrigerators" everywhere. Portable refrigerators, which are popular in foreign countries, are not very common in Turkey, and 80% of the guests participating in the forums already own refrigerators in their vehicles and use them frequently with their vehicles. It is clear as day that the usage rates will increase as the awareness of portable refrigerators, which take comfort and pleasure to the extreme and carry the comfort of our homes to our vehicles, increases.

It can be controlled perfectly with a computer software that is very easy to use. The cooling performance of portable car refrigerators is affected by a number of factors such as ambient temperature and voltage stability. When choosing a refrigerator, you should know that the cooling performance of different brands of refrigerators varies greatly. You should pay attention to the fact that the portable car refrigerator you will choose has self-protection systems against malfunctions that may occur, such as voltage changes. So you can be sure of getting a portable car refrigerator that will work with the same stability and efficiency for a long time. If the core of the human is the heart, the core of the 12v/24v portable car refrigerator is the compressor. The most important factor affecting the cooling effect and price of the refrigerator is the compressor. When choosing, it is useful to consider the quality of the compressor and material used in the product.

FRIDGERS DE45W Portable Car Refrigerator with 12/24V LG Compressor