Without the cold of winter, there would be no sweetness of summer warmth. But it also has a certain sweetness in the cold of winter. Camping in cold weather is a great way to enjoy the quiet moments and environments (pristine snow-covered landscapes, a warm fire) that only winter can provide, but even some seasoned campers shy away from camping in the winter.

Staying comfortable while winter camping is easier than you think. People were successful in cold climates long before goose down clothing and equipment or GoreTex technology, but our standards have changed a lot since then. You don't have to worry about carrying our food with you without losing its freshness and staying warm and happy while camping in winter conditions. On the other hand, if you enter the frost unprepared, you will be in serious trouble. Check the weather forecast and make sure your portable car refrigerator, tent, sleeping bag and clothing can meet the conditions. It's best to keep it simple on your first trip - stick to commonly traveled routes in the winter and camp where you have more experience.

Clothing selection

The key point of winter camping is your clothes should consist of tight, wind and cold-proof materials to trap body heat. The clothes you choose should be practical enough to wear and take off while cooling down after sweating throughout the day. Goose down coats, fleece, wool sweaters will work. Choose a weatherproof lined jacket like GoreTex that can protect you from wind, snow and rain.

Avoid using cotton clothes altogether when preparing your clothes for camping. Clothing made from this material is not good at absorbing moisture and once wet they can make you feel colder than standing naked in the cold.

Stay dry

Water conducts heat better than air, so wet clothes quickly lower your body temperature. Even sweating can make you dangerously cold in the long run. Wet feet mean frozen feet, so waterproof boots and leggings (along with snowshoes) are a must when walking in deeper snow. If you are not going to camp or hike in extreme conditions, your normal hiking boots with some waterproofing will suffice.

It is a much better option to take extra clothes with you in order not to regret when you run out of dry clothes and put on those damp socks in the morning.

Choose the right sleeping bag

First, see if you can make do with what you have. You can avoid spending money on a brand new sleeping bag by purchasing a sleeping bag liner that can increase the temperature of your sleeping bag by 10 to 15 degrees. If the predicted air temperature is well below your sleeping bag's range, it's wise to invest in a sleeping bag that can keep you warm at 0 degrees Celsius or less.

Choose your campground wisely

There are a lot of variables to executing a winter camp properly. To this end, the guiding principle is protection from the elements of cold. Avoid the undersides of hills where cold air troughs form and the tops of hills that may be exposed to the wind. Choose a flat area and compact the snow on which you plan to pitch your tent by walking on it; Full snow insulates heat better than loose snow. Make sure the tent is fully set up and that your door is not towards the windiest area.

Food and keeping it fresh

In order to maintain your body temperature and energy for a longer time, you should consume protein and carbohydrate-based foods. Do not forget about the importance of hot drinks. You can choose to use wooden plates, forks or spoons instead of metal so that the food you heated stays hot. Get a portable car refrigerator to keep your food healthy and fresh when traveling. One of the most important factors when choosing your car refrigerator is insulation. The insulation of Fridgers Portable Car Refrigerators is made with German micro-cellular foam technology and cyclopentane material. Thanks to its excellent insulation, neither the portable car refrigerator nor these portable car refrigerators will keep your food fresh for days after charging, provided the usage recommendations are followed. With wheeled models, the transport of the car refrigerator has become much easier and more practical. Its large interior volume is perfect for crowded camping or traveling.

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