Things to Do for Saving in the Refrigerator
Refrigerator is one of the white goods that work non-stop in our homes. It should always be plugged in and we need to make sure that our refrigerator is working. Because if it does not work, our meals, fruits, vegetables and frozen products in the cabinet may deteriorate. If we act in accordance with certain rules when using the refrigerator, we can get long-term and correct performance. A refrigerator whose door is left open or whose settings are distorted will deviate from normal conditions and begin to consume more electricity. An unmaintained refrigerator will not work properly and will harm your budget. The neglected refrigerator will perhaps cause other malfunctions in a short time and cause your cabinet to break down. That means extra cost for you.

You need to determine the place where you will put your refrigerator well. For example, there should not be any other electrical appliances around. It is also important that it is cool or cold when choosing a place to put your refrigerator. Because as long as the cabinet tries to cool itself, it consumes more electricity. If the place you choose is cold, your refrigerator will not need to consume much electricity.

The wider the area where you will place your refrigerator, the better it will be for you. During placement, you should leave a gap of 10-12 cm between the refrigerator and the back wall. The more comfortably the refrigerator makes air circulation, the more easily it will spread the heat.
Very large refrigerator models consume more energy. Therefore, if you are not a very crowded family, we do not recommend you to buy a large refrigerator. You should choose a fixed standard (not large volume) refrigerator.

You should never put hot food in your refrigerator. Hot pots or hot food will give the refrigerator its own warmth. This will cause the refrigerator to consume extra electricity to cool itself. Do not put over-packaged products in your refrigerator. Excess packaging disrupts the heat balance of your cabinet and causes excessive electricity consumption.

Refrigerator doors should not be left open too much. From the open cabinet door, hot air will flow into the refrigerator. The refrigerator will again consume extra electricity to cool itself in this situation. Try to buy the products you will buy from your refrigerator at once, which means extra electricity consumption for the doors that are opened and closed very often.

With the developing technologies, we recommend that you turn to an energy-efficient refrigerator and consider this when renovating the refrigerator.