Things to Consider When Camping in Summer
Camping is very enjoyable no matter what season it is. In addition to these pleasures, there are of course advantages and disadvantages. For example, in winter it can be difficult to find suitable ground for mud, dry wood and tents. In summer, it can be difficult to find a campsite due to ticks, snakes, air temperature and garbage. If we take a look at the things to be considered while camping in summer;

-Whatever the season, the ground where you will pitch your tent is one of the most important things. Especially in the summer months, it can be difficult to find suitable ground due to events such as cones falling from trees, large and small stone particles, newly greening grass. In order to overcome these situations easily, it will be very useful to take a portable camping shovel with you when you go camping. After cleaning the ground with the shovel, if you put a piece of cardboard under the tent before setting it up, you will prevent weeds from damaging your tent.

-Another important issue is to choose your camping location very well. When you open your tent in the morning, it is one of everyone's dreams to wake up with a beautiful lake view. You can also camp in a wooded area to fill your lungs with plenty of oxygen. However, if you set up a tent on a water's edge where people do not go much and wild animals can visit, you may encounter unwanted incidents. Wild animals cannot move freely in areas where there are water sources during the day. Therefore, they come to use these sources at night to meet their water needs. Therefore, when pitching a tent on the water's edge, first consider your own site safety as a priority and take precautions accordingly.

-You should pay attention to dehydration in summer. Dehydration can be defined as the state your body is in when it starts to lose water. Especially in summer, high temperatures, dry air and humidity can put you at risk of dehydration. Therefore, you should drink an average of 2-3 liters of water a day in hot weather. Be sure to drink water from time to time while hiking, sitting or doing any work in the camp. Drinking water after excessive dehydration can make you nauseous. If vomiting occurs after nausea, this means more fluid loss. Do not forget to give a little fluid supplement to people who have lost a lot of fluid.

-If you are going to set up your tent in high areas such as plateaus and mountains, pay attention to set up the door direction of your tent towards the east. This is because it allows the inside of your tent to warm up early in the morning as the sun rises. The cold air that forms at night is broken in the early morning hours and allows you to fall asleep comfortably.

-During the summer months, wild animals (bears, snakes, scorpions, ticks, etc.) roam the forests. For this reason, we recommend that you research the area you are going to beforehand. You should take extra precautions with you against these animals.


-Nature walks are very enjoyable in summer. After setting up your tent, the walks you will take to explore the region will give you pleasant moments. You should definitely take the appropriate equipment with you for hiking, climbing and swimming.

-Choosing the right camping tent is very important. You should consider in which season and in which region you will camp and make a choice accordingly. For example, if you will be camping in winter, we recommend you to buy a tent with a strong awning. For summer camping, it is important that your tent has mosquito nets and ventilation. In addition, a double-door camping tent will be another element that will relieve you in sweltering weather.

-Your choice of sleeping bag is as important as your choice of tent. The sleeping bags you buy for winter camping will overwhelm you in summer and you cannot use them. In summer, your sleeping bag option should be thin and you can even get by with thin pique pads.

-If you are going camping, definitely take a medical bag with you. Provided that it is not too heavy, the medical bag will be very useful for you in case of adverse situations that may occur in the campsite. Having materials such as batikon, bandages, band-aids, etc. with you will protect you for a certain period of time. It will also minimize your risk of getting germs.

-Camping alone can be a bit boring. Therefore, having friends who are like-minded, who love to work and share will ensure that you have a good time. If you are going on vacation, it is important to choose friends to spend time with.

-Take a water canteen with you, especially in summer camps. Carry your canteen with you, especially on nature walks. Hats and sunglasses are other items you should take. Definitely keep your sunscreen with you. To protect yourself from mosquitoes, get mosquito repellent sprays and apply them on your body. Choose your clothes correctly and prefer breathable clothes. Your choice of shoes should be in this direction.

We wish you good camping...