The Most Beautiful Campgrounds in Turkey

Spring is coming and many people are starting to make holiday plans. In recent years, with the corona virus, our holiday plans may change. Planning a quiet and calm holiday, away from the crowds, alone with more nature, is something that everyone dreams of and wants to achieve. In this article, we will share with you camp sites from various regions of Turkey where you can camp with your family or friends.

-Yedigoller National Park / Bolu

It is one of the most well-known national parks in Turkey and located in Bolu. It is one of the best decisions, especially for those who will camp for the first time.

-Butterfly Valley / Ölüdeniz

It is one of the most special and famous valleys of recent times. It is one of the best tent camping places in Turkey and it is a must-see.

-Salda Lake / Burdur

One of the rare beauties in our country is Salda Lake. It is a place that can attract everyone with its white sands and clear waters and is one of the must-see places.

-Aydos Forests / Istanbul

It is one of the most ideal places to get away from the pollution and noise of the city for those in Istanbul or those residing in its immediate vicinity.

-Omerli Dam / Istanbul

The Ömerli dam, which is close to Istanbul, is a place where you can camp and experience plenty of silence and peace.

-Ağva Kilimli Bay Campground / Istanbul

Kilimli cove in Istanbul is a frequently preferred place to camp in the summer months.

-Bafa Lake Milas / Muğla

Lake Bafa has long been the focus of interest for campers with its beauty of its shores and its historical texture.

-Kabak Bay / Fethiye

It is one of the most beautiful bays in Turkey and even in the world. It is a very beautiful bay under the foothills of Babadağ and is one of the places to go.

-Koprulu Canyon / Antalya

Köprülü canyon in the national park is under protection. It is possible to camp in this canyon with both tents and caravans.

-Gökova Forest Camp / Akyaka

Gokova forest camp is a perfect option if you want to meet a wonderful nature with a tent or a caravan next to the Azmak river.

-Kaçkarlar / Rize

It will be enjoyable to have a wonderful camping experience in the escapes where every shade of green is found.

- Aladaglar / Nigde

It is a place where large and small ponds are found. You can set up your tent next to the pond you want and rest your head comfortably.

-Torkul Lake / Duzce

It is a very unknown lake where you can enjoy nature and greenery, which should be visited especially in the spring months.

-İğneada / Kırklareli

Longoz (subasar), which is a forested area whose bottom is covered with water in the seasons when the amount of precipitation is high, also has beautiful examples in our country. Longoz Forests National Park, one of the most beautiful among them, is located in Igneada town of Demirkoy District of Kirklareli. There are camping areas in Igneada according to various tastes and wishes. Camping sites are also very suitable for families.

-Sülüklü Göl Camping / Bolu

Campers are always looking for new and lesser-known routes. For example, Sülüklü Göl is one of the ideal camping spots with its famous nature.

-Çiseli Waterfall / Ordu

It is one of the most touristic waterfalls of Ordu. In addition, Turkey is definitely a remarkable place with its natural beauties among camping areas.

-Gideros Bay / Kastamonu

This is a complete Black Sea paradise and this bay is a frequent destination for campers.

-Cappadocia Campground / Nevşehir

Cappadocia is famous not only for its hotels but also for its camping areas. Here, campers do not camp in the forest, but in the company of fairy chimneys.

-Olimpos Campground / Antalya

Olympos is very famous for its beaches and nature. You can camp here, especially in the summer.

Of course, there are places where you can camp more that are not listed here. There are many places in our country that should always be visited and discovered with their unique beauties.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Facilities may be limited at some campgrounds, so we recommend that you do your research before you go and have the necessary materials with you.