Tent Heating Methods in the Camp in Winter
One of the issues that campers have the most difficulty in the autumn and winter months is the heating problem. Different methods of keeping your tent warm, how and what should be the solutions to this problem in the winter months, let's examine them now;

-Heating with Stone
In this method, what needs to be done is to carry the heated stones to your tent. However, the things to be considered in this method are as follows; You should not throw heated stones directly into the tent. In this case, you can melt your tent, and you will feel the cold again in a short time as the heat loss will be much faster when the stones are placed in the tent in this way. If you wrap the heated stones in aluminum foil and place them in your tent, your stones will stay hot for 6-8 hours on average and your tent will continue to heat up.

-Heating with candles
This heating method is often used by campers. Although it is a practical method, it is a method that requires attention. If you plan to use this method, you should remember that the candles will fall over and damage your tent and you. For this reason, it would be the most logical solution to put your candles in a large pot and light them. Another method is the tin can. For tin use it should definitely be larger and wider than tin candles. No matter how the candle method is used, at least one of the ventilation windows in the tent should be left open.

-Heating with Earth
The oldest and most reliable method is heating with soil. The first thing you need to do is to determine the place where you will set up your tent. Then you have to light a big fire in that area. After the fire burns for a certain time, you should cover the embers that will form with soil and make a cover of dry leaves on the ground. You can then set up your tent in that area and stay in a warm environment overnight.

-Heating with Camping Stove
Some of the camping stoves work with coal or wood. Some camping stoves work with cartridges. It should be noted here that there should be a pipe outlet inside the tent when installing coal or wood-fired stoves in the tent. There is no need for such a thing in stoves that work with cartridges. Coal or wood fired tents are much more reasonable, especially in winter, as they provide better heating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the above mentioned tent heating methods can become dangerous if not careful. If you have not experienced such an experience before, please be very careful.

If we list the necessary materials to warm up in the camp; Don't forget to take your sleeping bag, thermal underwear and socks, air mattress or mat, and clothes with high thermal insulation with you. One of the most important things when camping in winter is definitely not to go to bed when it's cold. Your cold body has a hard time keeping warm in the sleeping bag and you will continue to feel cold all night long. Wait in front of the campfire until your body temperature recovers and go to bed like that.

We wish you a camp full of pleasant, beautiful and happy moments…