Some Unwritten Camp Rules
Camping means getting away from city life and taking a breather. It is a great opportunity for a weekend in calm and peace, to get rid of the stress you experience in the city. However, campgrounds have certain rules. There will be people who come to the campgrounds for a holiday or who will come after you. Considering this situation, there are things that need to be done in and around the campsite, including what is not written. Let's take a look at them now;

-The first thing you will do when you go to the camp is to find a clean area and settle down there. During the camp, you should clean your area regularly and when you leave the area, you should leave your area clean and leave.

-You must put out your fire. Before going to bed at night, the campfire should be extinguished and make sure the ashes are cold. If the fire is on during the day and you have to leave the campsite, you must also extinguish the fire or leave a person at the campsite. This is important both for your belongings in the camping area and for your fire not to jump and cause a fire.

-If you have a friend with paws and you are camping together, you should definitely clean them after using the toilet. (Let's point out that before you go to the campsite, you should definitely ask if pets are allowed)

-Always keep your pets on a leash. Each campsite may have different rules, but it is necessary to consider the surrounding food and people with animal allergies.


-In general, every campground has a certain rule about dishwashing. Do not wash dishes in the bathrooms of the campsite. This is both unethical and unhealthy in terms of hygiene.

-Respect all people who come to camp. Be a good, understanding and clean neighbor. Do not violate anyone's personal space and do not cause unrest. Remember, the people around you have come to listen and they deserve it as much as you do.

-Quiet hours begin after a certain time in the evening in the campsites, respect this and adapt as much as possible. It is a rule set for those who come to camp with their children, to relieve the sweet tiredness of the day, for a good night's sleep. A noisy activity done in silence at night may disturb other campers.

-Prefer low lights that are not blinding as much as possible in the dark at night. Especially do not use car headlights. Other people around you may be disturbed by bright lights, and even bright lights can blind a sleeping person and make him sleepless.

-If you don't use the combustible elements such as wood and coal, which you use to make fire at the end of the camp, and if you do not use them at home, leave them properly, you will be beneficial for the campers after you. If you bought an item from the campsite, remember to put it back in the place you bought it before leaving on the last day.

We wish you a nice, pleasant and peaceful camp…