Some Tips for Your Caravan Refrigerator
If you have a caravan, you should definitely have a caravan refrigerator. No matter what, we all want to keep our food cold, safe and fresh. Of course, there are different methods for this. For example, while it is possible to do this with an ice chest, finding a permanent ice floe is hard work for a camper. Having to do this over and over will spoil your taste, moreover, if you are camping in the summer months, the ice floes will melt very quickly due to the hot weather and it will be a complete torture for you. In order for you not to experience these, you need a nice FRIDGERS caravan refrigerator.
Having a caravan refrigerator that can help you will be so helpful when you are camping or on long trips that it will allow you to take your food and drinks out of your refrigerator and eat and drink safely. Of course, like the refrigerators we use in our homes, your caravan refrigerators will need repair over time. Right here, we, as the FRIDGERS family, are always on duty to provide you with the best service. If you have a FRIDGERS branded caravan refrigerator, you can always reach us and find an immediate solution to your needs such as repair and maintenance.
How Does a Caravan Refrigerator Work?
Our refrigerators in our homes work with the help of a compressor and perform the cooling process in this way. But our caravan refrigerators use ammonia, hydrogen gas and water. This type of refrigerator is called absorption refrigerator. In the simplest terms, the absorption refrigerator works by creating chemical reactions by sending the above-mentioned liquids through various tubes using heat. The evaporation and condensation created by these reactions keep your food and drink fresh and cool.
Care and Usage Tips for Your Caravan Refrigerator
We recommend that you open your caravan refrigerator 5-6 hours before departure, when it is empty.
After 5-6 hours of empty operation of your caravan refrigerator, put your cold food and drinks as much as possible. Thus, your refrigerator will not spend much energy to keep your already cold products in a stable state, not to cool your hot products.
When placing your products, leaving some space between them will allow the cold air to move between the products.
If you plan to camp in very hot weather, we recommend installing a small refrigerator fan to help keep your unit cool.
Opening the doors of your caravan refrigerator and freezer frequently causes the unit to work harder to stay cool, so keeping the doors closed as much as possible is a big advantage for you.
Loose or dirty gaskets can allow cold air to escape. That's why regularly check your caravan refrigerator's gaskets and clean them as needed.
It is very important that you place your caravan refrigerator on an absolutely flat surface while it is operating.
Leaving your caravan refrigerator unoperated can also damage it. Therefore, if you are not going to travel for a long time, we recommend that you operate it intermittently.
You need to protect the rear and front ventilation holes of your refrigerator from obstacles (such as leaves and debris). Check regularly and remove anything inside or above the vents.
For more information about caravan refrigerators, please contact us. We have no doubt that FRIDGERS brand caravan refrigerators will be your most reliable assistant in your travels.
Choose the most suitable caravan refrigerator for you from our official website and set off with confidence.