How to Choose the Right Size Car Refrigerator / Freezer?

This is a very old debate: do you buy a special tool that does a particular task really well, or do you prefer a multi-tool that does the job pretty well and saves you the hassle of carrying multiple tools?

You may find yourself in a similar situation when buying your first 12V/24V portable car refrigerator and have to decide between a dual-compartment car refrigerator/freezer or a single-compartment car refrigerator for your specific use. Naturally, this is a question about the place where you will place your refrigerator, as it is about the usage area that your car refrigerator offers you most of the time. However, there are also some factors to consider.

Fridgers' two new portable car refrigerator designs are an example of this: the car refrigerator option with a single chamber arrangement from 25 liters to 50 liters, and the vehicle refrigerator with a double control double chamber, 45 and 60 liters. Power consumption is determined by various factors (compressor performance, conductivity, and electronic design), but the efficiency factor is often dependent on insulation. Vehicle refrigerators equipped with Fridgers' Microfoam Insulation technology have achieved the success of being the most powerful refrigerator/freezer combination in the market and while providing this, they are also among the most stingy in energy consumption.

Thanks to Microfoam Insulation applied to every aspect of your Fridgers car fridge, your portable car fridge cools faster, stays cooler longer and uses less power. The disadvantage of single-compartment car refrigerators is that they can only be used as a special refrigerator or only as a special freezer. By comparison, a 60-litre dual-compartment car refrigerator accomplishes both of these tasks in one package; Thanks to its double control and high-performance compressor, both compartments can be adjusted to the same temperature and can be used as a refrigerator or freezer. This means that the refrigerator compartment can also be cooled down to ‑20Cº if necessary!

When space is not an issue, many off-road trailer and caravan owners choose to travel with two single-compartment 50 liter Fridgers vehicle refrigerators: one is kept in the vehicle as a dedicated refrigerator and the other is mounted to the trailer or caravan as a dedicated freezer. Professional car refrigerator manufacturers who serve their customers who need a specialized and large capacity freezer often offer their customers many options. If you are considering buying a car refrigerator for your car or 4x4, it is useful to consider the advantage of our double-compartment car refrigerators, which can be used both as a cooler and as a freezer.

Double Compartment 45L Fridgers Portable Car Refrigerator

The duration of your camping trips will also play a role in your decision between these options. If you're camping or traveling on weekends that are usually no more than a night or two, then you may not need a freezer section at all, and a single chamber Fridgers 45-liter car refrigerator will serve you best. However, the great thing about the 60 liter double bowl is that it offers the ultimate in versatility, either as two fridges or two freezers, or by offering a fridge + freezer option. The choice is yours!