Refrigerator Water Leaking Problems
The refrigerator is an indispensable electrical household item for us. It ensures that our nutrients, which are necessary for living, remain healthier and fresher. We can say that it is mandatory in our homes, workplaces or even if you are a caravan or yacht owner. However, sometimes it is inevitable that there will be operating errors or a technical malfunction. One of the most common refrigerator malfunctions is the problem of water flowing from the lower compartment.
In the vegetable compartments of the refrigerators, there is a section that allows the excess moisture formed in the cabinet to be thrown out. Blocking this part may cause water to flow from the bottom of the refrigerator. In order to eliminate this possible malfunction, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the food is placed in the cabinet in the most correct way. You need to make sure that the drain channel is not clogged.
In the refrigerators, you should open the door in the section where we put daily food and check the grille in the ceiling. If the water flow is coming from here, the air channels that provide the cold air flow of the refrigerators are snowing or icing. To fix this problem, you must first remove the food from the refrigerator and unplug it. Cabinet doors should be kept open until frost and frost disappear. Finally, wipe your refrigerator with a clean cloth and plug it back in and run it.
Especially in refrigerators with no frost feature, there is an evaporator called a cooler core. This place is also known as an air duct, and it carries out the process of discharging the melted water. The drainage channels of the refrigerator become clogged due to unnecessary icing. In such cases, the water starts to flow from the first opening it finds instead of the water discharge channel. Especially in the ceiling part of the lower door of the refrigerators, the flow will be more intense in the air vents. In order to eliminate the problem, care should be taken to clean the refrigerator air vents.
If your refrigerator is a model with a water dispenser, you may experience a water flow problem. Hoses and connections in this line should be checked. If there is any loosening in the connections, breakage or tightness in the hose, it should be corrected, otherwise the water flow from the bottom of the refrigerator will continue.
If there is condensed moisture inside the refrigerator, this may cause water leakage. To overcome this problem, make sure that the leafy vegetables at the top of the crisper are dry. Because wet vegetables sometimes sweat. This causes the refrigerator to leak water.