Refrigerator Motor Not Activating

The refrigerator is an indispensable electrical household item in our homes, workplaces and caravans. It is a troublesome situation for everyone when it is broken or not working. Failure of the refrigerator motor to activate and malfunction will cause the products in it to rot or deteriorate.

There is a protective fuse inside the refrigerator in case of sudden power cuts. This fuse is also called thermal fuse. The fuse ensures that the motor is stopped when there is an electrical problem and prevents possible malfunctions. It may take 10-15 minutes for the engine to restart. If necessary, unplug your refrigerator, wait for a while and plug it back in. The refrigerator may start working again. If it does not work, contact technical service immediately.

Some refrigerator models have an automatic defrosting feature. This type of refrigerator disables its own engine when it gets cold inside, does not turn on the engine for 1-2 days and waits for the ice to melt. After the ice melts, the engine is activated again and the refrigerator starts working again. If the engine does not start, contact your authorized service.

One of the reasons why the refrigerator motor does not start is the failure of the relay part. Role protects the operation of the motor in high or low energy currents in cases such as sudden power outage or sudden power in the refrigerator operation.

The starter of your refrigerator may be faulty. This will cause a short circuit in your refrigerator. In addition, if there is an excessive temperature on the outside of your refrigerator, it may mean that the motor is not pumping. This may prevent the engine from running. If there is a decrease in the coolant flow, you may encounter this problem again.

If your refrigerator motor does not start, be sure to contact the technical service. Do not expect the problem to continue for a long time, you should take your precautions in a short time both for the health of your products in the cabinet and not to cause more problems.