Refrigerator Lamp Failure Causes
Generally, every refrigerator has a lamp to be more useful at night and these lamps need to work properly. The lamp turns on when the refrigerator doors are open, and turns off automatically when the refrigerator doors are closed.

There may be many reasons why your refrigerator light does not turn on. In the first place, the bulb of your refrigerator may have exploded or burned out. Remove the old bulb and replace with a new bulb of the same rating. Please unplug your refrigerator from the socket during replacement.

When you open the door of your refrigerator, there is a button above or below, that button is released when the cabinet door is opened, and the bulb lights up and when the door is closed, the button goes in and the bulb goes out. If this button is broken or stuck, the bulb may not light up. If there is such a situation, you should contact your authorized service.

If there is a situation such as an electrical leakage in your refrigerator, immediately call an authorized service and submit your request for help. In such a case, do not intervene at all.