Refrigerator Engine Failure Causes
The refrigerator is an indispensable white item that every house needs. There is no need to explain the importance of the refrigerator so that our food and drinks do not deteriorate. Especially when engine failure occurs, there is nothing we as users can do. So, what could be the reasons for the malfunction of the refrigerator motor, let's look at it together;
-First of all, a starter problem may have occurred. If there is a malfunction in the starter, your refrigerator may short circuit and not work.
- If the outer surface of your refrigerator is overheated when you touch it, it means that the motor is heating up because it cannot pump.
-There may be a problem with the hermetic compressor. Hermetic compressors are in a closed structure with the engine and pistons placed in a welded sealed body. It works according to the principle of converting the circular motion in the electric motor into linear motion with the connecting rod and piston mechanism.
-There may be a decrease or decrease in washing or coolant flow in the condenser. Condenser, condenser or condenser, steam power systems (thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, ship, etc.) and gaseous cooling-air conditioning systems (air conditioning, refrigerator, etc.) heat of steam or refrigerant gas (freon, ammonia) to the environment or another cooler It is a heat exchanger machine in which it becomes liquid by giving It is located outside the refrigerator or hidden inside the insulation material. When it is located outside the refrigerator, the number of transitions created by twisting the straight pipes in layers is increased, making it easier for the condenser to dissipate the heat into the air, enabling the refrigerant to become a supercooled liquid.
Lastly, there may have been a problem with the electrical component for the engine failure.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Calling the technical service according to your refrigerator brand, detecting the malfunction by experts and taking the necessary actions will provide you with much better results.
If Refrigerator Motor Runs But No Cooling;
The door seals of the refrigerator in your home may be old. Therefore, the cold air in the cabinet may be escaping to the outside and this prevents your refrigerator from cooling. In such a case, the door seals must be replaced. If the wicks are not cooling even though they are changed, you may have damaged the copper wires of your cabinet while moving or if you have moved the refrigerator from one place to another. Your cabinet may have been hit or its fuse may have blown. You need to control them too.