Reasons for Unplugging Refrigerator
If you have unplugged your refrigerator to relocate and have moved your refrigerator vertically, you do not need to wait to plug it back in. However, if you have carried your refrigerator tilted, the oil in the compressor will fill the gas pipes and it will take time for this oil to fill back into the compressor. Therefore, it is very important for you to wait between 12 and 24 hours in order not to damage your refrigerator in cases of slanted transportation. If you plug it in right away, your refrigerator may break down. In addition, do not open the refrigerator doors immediately after plugging in (between 4-6 hours) and do not put any food inside.

If you want to clean the back of your refrigerator or the frosting, you should definitely unplug your refrigerator. When the back part is cleaned, you can put your refrigerator back in its place and let it rest for a few hours, then plug it in. If you are going to clean because of the icing, unplug it and wait for the ice to melt. Then do the cleaning, after you're done, let your refrigerator rest for a few hours, plug it in and put it back in place. If you want to clean the interior or doors of your refrigerator, you do not need to unplug your refrigerator, follow the steps you will do and close the door of your refrigerator as soon as possible after finishing the cleaning work.

If you are going to leave the house for a long time and you do not want your refrigerator to work, of course, you can unplug your refrigerator. However, since the refrigerator, which works uninterruptedly throughout the year, keeps our meat, vegetables, fruits and meals fresh, if you pull the plug while leaving the house, the products in the cabinet may deteriorate. Therefore, if you are going to unplug your refrigerator before leaving the house, there should be absolutely no spoiled or moldy product left in the cabinet. Meat, dairy products and vegetables will deteriorate over time as the refrigerator does not work and cause very bad odors in the cabinet. When you come back home, it will be very troublesome to encounter such a smell. These bad odors sometimes take time to pass, and in some cases, the odor may permanently penetrate your refrigerator.