An Overview of Portable Car Refrigerators : Cooling Principle And Power Usage

With the continuous development of the industry, people's travel mode has changed a lot. Cars and their accessories continued to evolve over many years. It has not only provided people with a safe travel, but has also begun to offer people a more comfortable travel experience. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people began to pursue a different quality of life. And with it, the functions of cars have also diversified.

Cars can be not only a means of transportation, but also a second home for people. A car refrigerator, which is among the functions of the car, is an advanced type of car accessory. People store various foods and drinks in the car refrigerator. This brings great convenience to people's travels. So what is the cooling principle of car refrigerator for mobile cars?

Portable car refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be placed in the car. It is a cooling tool that is currently popular in the market. There are two types of car refrigerators. One is a semiconductor vehicle refrigerator and the other is a compressor type vehicle refrigerator. The working principles are quite different. Semiconductor vehicle refrigerators are very different from conventional refrigerators. It is commonly known as an electronic gadget refrigerator. It takes advantage of the motion of the charge carrier in the conductor to generate an electric current. This charge will have different energy levels in different materials. When it moves from a high-energy material to a low-energy material, it will release excess heat. This is a principle people use in making semiconductor vehicle refrigerators. Such a tool refrigerator not only cools, but also heats. This is very practical for people, but for users who need to cool or freeze their food, semiconductor vehicle refrigerators have low cooling efficiency. And the effect of cooling will be affected by the environment.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a portable car refrigerator that is produced with a quality and efficient compressor. Vehicle refrigerators can be designed in various types and shapes. The choice of portable car refrigerator is based on the space needed to cool/freeze food and the actual needs of the individual.

Compressor type vehicle refrigerators are similar to home refrigerators. Its working principle is to use mechanical energy with electrical energy. The compressor compresses the cooling system to achieve the cooling effect. The principle of operation is the same as that of a conventional refrigerator. In addition, a vehicle-mounted portable car refrigerator with compressor has the advantages of large capacity, freezing and good cooling effect.

As Fridgers, all of our products are produced with compressors, with low power consumption, in a leading position in the sector, with power suitable for your vehicle and driving.

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How Much Power Is Required For A Portable Car Refrigerator?

As people's lives continue to improve, higher needs for the comfort and versatility of automobiles begin to emerge. Thanks to these developments, portable vehicle refrigerators appeared.

Portable car refrigerators are the category of electrical appliances. The most important thing as an electrical device is energy consumption indicators. Low-energy electrical equipment has become the core selling point of various enterprises. And it started to become a subject of great concern to consumers. Among the in-vehicle electrical appliances, low-energy vehicle refrigerators draw more attention. Only when products such as car refrigerators consume less energy can the car fully master its own performance. And it can make the addition of these devices more convenient and better.

Take a portable car refrigerator as an example, an electrical appliance that uses a car battery. The lower the energy consumption of the car refrigerator, the better. What is the energy consumed by the car refrigerator, which is suitable for the operation of cars? Many car owners have many concerns on their minds. Does adding a portable car refrigerator to the car affect the normal driving of the car? And does it affect the service life of the car?

At this point, it requires us to consider choosing a portable vehicle refrigerator. If the selection is not in place, it will have a negative impact on the normal use of the vehicle. Since we have classified vehicle refrigerators as compressor type and semiconductor type and mentioned the difference in cooling methods, we should also understand that this causes them to operate at different powers. The power index of the car refrigerator depends on the capacity and cooling mode of the car refrigerator. The larger the capacity of a car refrigerator, the greater its power. Semiconductor refrigerators consume more energy. Compressor car refrigerator has the most effective cooling methods. This type of compressor car refrigerator can reduce the minimum temperature down to -20℃. In normal cooling mode, the power of a 45L car refrigerator is about 60W. This is the equivalent of a car navigator that we use often. And this power is within the acceptable range that the car can share with car refrigerators.

Regarding the vehicle refrigerators used in the automobile, Fridgers optimized each component to a certain extent during the design. It is specially made to deal with the rugged environment while the car is running. It can match the power supply of the cigarette lighter in the car or optionally renew its power with solar panels. Therefore, you don't have to worry about power at all. In general, when used in accordance with the instructions, portable car refrigerators can meet most of your needs without burdening your vehicle.