As we all know, it can be said that 12V/24V portable car refrigerators are one of the most popular electric appliances in hot summer. People want to drink fresh food, cold and delicious drinks anytime, anywhere, wherever they go. When summer is replaced by winter and cold weather comes, you may think that this cold weather will be enough to keep your food and drinks fresh and cold just as you wish. But it is important to note that the temperature is always fluctuating and the inside of your car or caravan is 12 degrees higher than the cold winter air we always feel. However, having the same freshness of food and optimally cold beverages as at home, in and out of your car, is an absolute privilege. Summer heat is more risky for food contamination than winter cold, but winter weather also has challenges for food spoilage and pathogen growth. Millions of people suffer from food poisoning each year, and poor storage conditions are one of the main causes. You can get rid of all these risks without risking your health, thanks to a quality car refrigerator that you will have with you on your journeys. Having this privilege allows you to look forward to the breaks you will take from long rides, and you will have the pleasure of consuming fresh food ready to be cooked and consumed whenever you want, and your drinks in the coolness you want.

Fridgers portable car refrigerators are the products that stand out among the numerous 12V/24V portable refrigerator types on the market with the quality of the materials used in production, insulation, ease of use and functionality. The company is recognized as an innovative and excellent manufacturer of this type of portable car refrigerators. The name Fridgers has long been synonymous with quality and durability. The company uses high-quality stainless steel as the main component of its cooling components, and also uses ceramic material in its cooling panels and other key parts.


A Fridgers portable car refrigerator is one of the most functional refrigerators you can buy. This is because it has a very large area to place a lot of food. It also has a very efficient motor that helps reduce energy consumption. The cooling system is controlled by pressing a button, which keeps the temperature at a constant level. These 12V portable refrigerators are suitable to be placed inside your car, lorry, truck or caravan with universal fit design. They can even be used inside your garage when you don't have enough space to install a full-size refrigerator. Most of these products are quite light, which makes them easy to transport. Also, as they are quite compact, they take up minimal space inside your vehicle. These refrigerators are also designed with a sealed-liquid cooling system to prevent ice build-up and leakage.

These coolers are also available in 12V portable coolers working with renewable energy sources and versions with solar energy systems. If you are interested in purchasing one of these refrigerators, it is important to make sure that it comes with a universal fit.

It is also possible to find some 12V/24V portable car refrigerator models that come with a small or large refrigerator/freezer section in the size you need. One advantage of the larger sized partition is that it can accommodate frozen food and drink. The larger refrigerator section of these refrigerators allows you to store a large number of items such as canned food and long-term food items.

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