Information About Refrigerator Cooling Problems
The refrigerator is a very important electrical appliance for us. It is of great importance not only in our homes, but also in our workplaces, in our caravans, wherever there is human life. However, as with any electrical appliance, malfunctions may occur in our refrigerator.
One of the faults of the refrigerator, which prevents our food and drinks from spoiling and keeps them fresh, is the fact that the refrigerator does not cool even though it is working. There are water channels in the refrigerator, and if these water channels are clogged, you may face this problem. If the refrigerator doors are left open for a long time, they may not perform the cooling process again.
Long-term power outage is also one of the factors preventing cooling. If there has been a change in the hot or cold settings of your refrigerator, this will affect the cooling process. It may be possible to fix the problem if you set this changes back to its normal state. If the compressor at the back of the cabinets does not work, it will also affect the cooling system of your refrigerator. If the fan of your refrigerator is faulty, it should be known that this problem may occur again.
Other issues to consider are as follows:
- A malfunction in the resistances in the refrigerator.
- Wearing or clogged pipes in the refrigerator.
- A malfunction in the mechanical part.
- A malfunction that may occur on the card.
-Refrigerator being in a hot environment for a long time. (The refrigerator should be kept away from heat as much as possible. There should be space on its sides and behind it. There should be no other household appliances on or near it that emit heat when operating like an oven.)
Leakage of Freon gas through the channels.
- Check the tires of your refrigerator, if they are old or damaged, replace them. Because this can cause cooling problem.