Information About Deep Freezers
If you have a large family or a company where many people work, the freezer section of your refrigerator cannot meet your needs in general and remains small. You will have a lot of difficulty, especially when preparing for the Eid-al-Adha and the entrance to winter. Since it is certain that your products will spoil outside, the thing to do is to have an extra deep freezer.
The functions of freezers and refrigerators are similar but not the same. Deep freezers make a high degree of shock. Buddha is the most important feature that distinguishes it from the refrigerator. In fact, the main use of deep freezers is storage. It is ideal to use a deep freezer for longer storage and keeping your products fresh. The refrigerator keeps your products fresh for a short time. Frozen products are much fresher and contain more nutritional value than canned products. For your health, we recommend that you choose frozen products.
There are some things to consider before buying a deep freezer. If the freezer section of your refrigerator is really not enough, consider buying a deep freezer. Because it is a product that will consume extra energy. You should be very careful about energy saving. Before choosing your deep freezer, get information about the annual energy consumption values.
Foods you can store in your deep freezers;
You can store products such as beef, lamb, minced meat and fish in your deep freezer.
- In addition to fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, peach, plum, cherry and pineapple fruits with hard seeds are also among the fruits that can be stored in your deep freezer.
- You can store vegetables such as peppers, beans, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli in your deep freezer.
They are products that can be stored in the freezer in butter, margarine, bread and pastry.
They can be stored in the freezer in chicken broth, broth and homemade sauces.
You should not remove a product from your deep freezer and put it back in the freezer after thawing. This process is important in order not to spoil the quality of the food. Before entering the deep freezer, we recommend that you make your products for one use and put them in the freezer during the first packaging.
There are foods that you should not keep, for example; high-water vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, raw potatoes, celery, etc.), yogurt, cottage and cream cheese. Desserts such as hard-boiled eggs, pudding and pudding, fried foods, and high-water fruits such as apples and pears.
One of the most important things to consider when filling your deep freezer is labeling. It is important that you write the name of your product and the date, in order to quickly find it and not to remove the wrong product, and not to forget the date you put it. IMPORTANT NOTE: You should defrost and clean your deep freezer once or twice a year, and then run it again. Make sure your freezer is at -18°C while it is running. This will ensure that the food entering your deep freezer is frozen as soon as possible. One thing to be careful about is that your freezer is not overfilled. A very full freezer will not have much air circulation in it, which will damage your freezer.
Deep freezers are a product that every home and workplace needs so that you and your family can consume healthy and delicious products.