Important Information for Winter Campers
There is a big difference between camping in the winter and camping in the summer. Both environmental factors and fighting nature in winter are a different dimension. Camping in the winter requires some extra equipment and preparations. There are also many issues to be careful about. However, taking advantage of the beauties of camping in snow and rain and experiencing this experience will give you a completely different pleasure. However, you need to take some safety precautions for winter camping. Now let's take a look at them together;
- If possible, do not go to the winter camp alone. Yes, you may want to be alone in nature, but considering the harsh weather conditions, it would be a good decision not to go alone. It is useful to have at least 2 or even 3 people. When choosing these friends, you should prefer people who have skills in various jobs such as navigating the snow, finding routes and building shelter.

-You should definitely review the area you are going to go to beforehand. Don't forget to get a map of that area to see the terrain layout. Physical maps show rivers, lakes, mountains and elevations. A map including roads will help you reach your destination. Do not think that we have a phone, your phones may not be picked up at your destination. Topographic maps show landscape features using contour lines. The terrain is steep when the lines are close together.

- Research the area you are going to. Check road and trail conditions. If you can, get information from people who have camped in that area before. Also, know where the nearest hospital or health center is for emergencies. Again, you should know how long it will take for the search and rescue team to reach you in an emergency. If your plans include areas of deep snow, learn how to recognize and prevent avalanche areas. Check local avalanche forecasts and stay away if danger is high.
-Leave your travel plan to someone who won't be coming with you. At least he'll know where you'll be on which day and when you'll be back. If you need emergency help in an adverse situation, inform the security forces. Also, do not forget to write down the information of the vehicle you are going to and the names and surnames and phone numbers of your friends who are with you.

-Check the weather conditions of the area you are going to before going camping. In winter, snow, storm, rain can start suddenly and this can force you. It's good to be careful.

- The most basic rule of camping in winter is to stay warm and dry. The most effective ways to do this are by wearing insulating, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, weather-resistant and breathable layers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be wary of hypothermia when winter camping. A person may be in danger of hypothermia if they become very cold or lethargic, or if their speech becomes thick and slow. Stop as soon as possible and set up camp immediately. Put the person in the sleeping bag and give a hot drink as soon as possible. Hypothermia can be deadly so you have to be very careful.

We wish you a pleasant camp where you will have a good time…