Important Information and Tips for First Time Campers
Whether you are an experienced camper or going camping for the first time, we have prepared a nice article for you. In this article, we will talk about useful information about general camping tips, eating and drinking tips, tent tips, sleeping tips and clothing tips.
- General Camping Tips
1.Weather Check
We all have mobile phones now and it is very easy to access information. Even in summer, if you are going out for camping, the weather of the place you go is very important for you. Find out about the weather conditions of the place you prefer to camp without leaving home.
2. Conditions Related to Weather Conditions
No matter what season you go to camp, prepare as if you were going in winter. For example, a hat, gloves, waterproof clothing, sunscreen, mosquito repellent (a cream that can be applied to the body), and a hot water bag are essential.
3. Plan the To-Do List in Advance
If you are going camping for the first time, examine the activities that can be done in that area without leaving the house, research and take notes. Doing this in order to make the days you spend at the campsite and outside the camp more productive will save you time, have a planned and enjoyable camp.
4. Being Prepared for Anything
It's hard to know what you really need until you've camped a few times. That's why you should definitely get your most basic needs. Various foods, water, bread are at the top of these. Not enough, even a little more. Because if you want to extend the camp for an extra day, you need to have food and drinks to carry you to the next day. The luggage capacity of your car and the capacity of your refrigerator are important factors in such cases.
5. The Subject of Purchasing Camping Equipment
Constantly review the prices of different companies. End of season discounts will allow you to finish your needs list for less. In fact, go to the shops of companies that sell one-to-one about the camp. You will see the quality of the materials you buy and you will get good discounts on your bulk shopping.
6. Get a First Aid Kit
A first aid kit is of great importance among the must-haves for a camper. Accidents may occur at the camp for you and your companions. E.g; It may be necessary to clean a wound and then it is important in minor accidents such as to close the wound so that it does not get infected. Ask your pharmacist what should be in the first aid kit, buy the necessary materials and do not forget to place the bag in your car.
7. Campsite Selection
Never set up a tent on a slope. You have to think about the night you will go to bed and you will want to lie flat. Set up your tent where there are no rocks, stones or rubbish.
8. Do Not Set Up A Tent Under The Tree
The danger of lightning, the risk of falling trees in strong winds and the trees' best friends are birds, these will cause you trouble. Birds can leave their droppings from trees on your tent or car. It is not a pleasant situation to encounter such a thing.
9. Don't forget the lighting!
You can sit by the fire after dark, but you wanted a night trip, like taking a walk as a family. For these situations, you should definitely have a flashlight with you. If it's charged because you'll be at the campsite, check and top up before leaving the house. If it has a battery, replace the old batteries first, insert a new battery and definitely have a spare battery with you. IMPORTANT!!! Please do not leave the dead batteries in the environment, keep them in a safe place and throw them away when you find the necessary recycling box.
10. Portable Charger
Many campgrounds offer electric pitches and phone charging facilities, but it's good to have a portable charger when you're away from the campsite. For example, when you go on a trip, keep it with you when you are away from the camping area. It's a savior just in case your phone is about to run out of battery.
11. Prioritize fun
When you go camping, what you actually want to do is to do things that we cannot do without work, away from the city noise. For example, there are many things such as reading a book, playing games, relaxing in the fresh air, and introducing our children to nature. For campers with children, we recommend that you buy a few toys according to their age so that your child can have a good time apart from you. Board games are available (backgammon, chess, okey, monopoly, jenga, etc.). Thus, you will have a camp that is both fun and fluid.
12. Don't Care About Technology
You are far from city life, there is no noise, you are comfortable, you are alone with nature, but your phone does not fall from your hand. Of course, do not turn off your phones in the camp, there are vital issues such as an important health problem, but spend time without a phone. Travel! See! Find out! Discover! These are the best parts of the camp.
13.Table and Chair
While camping, a folding table and several folding chairs will provide you with nice comfort while eating or drinking.
14. Use your subscription
As a Camping and Caravan Club member you can enjoy a number of benefits. There are many pages for them on Facebook and Instagram. Choose a club whose advantages you like, which gives you confidence, and if the membership conditions are met, become a member.
15. Subject of Hygienic Cleaning
You should definitely have with you; Toilet paper, wet wipes, paper towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, liquid and solid hand soap, disinfectant are indispensable, they can fit in a small bag and take up space, but they are very important in terms of hygiene.
16. Buy Plastic Bags
Get a couple of large black bags. Why do we say this because when you go on the return journey, you will have dirty clothes, and one of these bags will be your dirty bag. There are definitely garbage disposal areas in the camping area. You can collect the garbage you create around you in a black bag and put it in the garbage disposal area. Nature is our home, even a single piece of garbage is harmful to nature.
17. Ear Plugs
There will be campers other than you at the campsites. Your bedtime and wake-up times may not coincide. A guitar sound in the distance, 7-8 young people lit a fire and they are singing songs gathered around it. You are trying to sleep. If you want to sleep quietly, earplugs will do you good.
18. Check Campground Rules
When you first go to the campsite, we recommend that you look at the rules of the campsite after you have settled in. Of course, the rules are ideal restrictions for everyone to have a nice camping trip. For example, not speaking loudly after 23:59 at night.
19. About Your Valuables
Please do not leave your valuables alone in the trailer. If you are going on a trip together, take your valuables such as wallet, phone, money and watch with you. No matter what happens, it's good to take precautions.
20. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Ask other campers or facility staff for help with choosing a place or anything you can't do, especially if it's your first time camping. All of the people who came there went to the camp for the first time one day in the past and they got help from someone else. For this reason, it is time to meet a friendly team and your work will be finished faster.
21. Choose a Location Close to Home for Your First Camping Trip
There is always a chance that you will forget things, encounter bad weather or even decide to return home early on your first trip. We think that choosing a campground not far from home would be more appropriate for your first camping experience.
- Eating and Drinking Tips
22. Never Cook Around Your Tent
Cooking inside your tent, under the awning, or right next to your tent poses a fire risk. Always light your fire in an open area away from the risk of fire and make sure it goes out when you're done, before you go to sleep.
23. About Food Waste
Don't overeat. Get as much food on your plate as you can eat. However, collect food waste in a separate bag and dispose of it in the permitted trash cans within the facility.
24. Plan Your Meals While At Home
Write down the dishes you will cook without leaving home and get the ingredients.
25. Get Plenty of Snacks
Take plenty of snacks on the way to the campsite.
26. A Large Bowl of Water
For example, it could be a carboy.
27. Have a Water Bottle
Everyone should have their own water canteen. In order not to be dehydrated, it should be with you on trips and walks.
28. Check Your Camp Stove Before Camping
Check your camp stove before leaving home to avoid any mishaps when you arrive at the campsite.
29. Don't Forget To Buy Tea and Coffee
We love tea and coffee and consume a lot, so don't forget to take them with you.
30. Supply a Camping Refrigerator
A true camper must have a camping fridge. If not, it is a must-have product for campers.
Sleep Tips
31. Beware of the Cold at Night
In Turkish conditions, our nights are cool, even in summer. For this reason, we recommend that you do not forget to buy things that will protect you from the cold, such as blankets, shawls, hats, so that you do not get cold at night. It is useful to know that the warmer you keep your body temperature, the more comfortable you will sleep at night.
32. Buy a Good Floor Mat
It is necessary to buy a floor mat that will both cut the bond between you and the soil and provide a good sleep. The mat will both prevent you from lying flat and painless and prevent your body's heat from being absorbed by the soil.
33.Sleeping Bag-Get Pillow
A sleeping bag that will provide insulation for you while you sleep will allow you to sleep comfortably at night. Do not forget your pillows, pillows are important as they will not be your comfort at home. IMPORTANT: If you have a sleeping bag, please keep your head outside of the sleeping bag. Because your every breath in the overalls will make steam and cause your temperature to drop.
34. Get a Hot Water Bag
Especially if you are sensitive to cold weather and you are very cold, take a hot water bottle with you, we are sure it will work.
Tent Tips
35. How to Choose Your Tent
The size of a tent is defined by the maximum number of people that can sleep in it. Let's give an example, let's say that you will go to the camp with 2 people and you will buy a camping tent. If you buy a tent for 2 people, you can only sleep in that tent. But if you buy a tent for more than one person, that is, for 3 or 4 people, you can both place your belongings that you do not want to get wet outside in adverse weather conditions such as rain, and you can enjoy the rain in your tent softly.
36. When to First Arrival at Camp
In fact, there is only one answer to this question, definitely during daylight hours. It's a bit of a hassle to start a camp at or just before dark. Setting up a tent is not enough light on the one hand. Taking advantage of daylight is an important consideration for the first day of camping. In addition, it is useful to walk around in the daylight to briefly explore the place you are going.
37. Get a Microfiber Cloth
You can wipe your face when it suddenly rains. It is a cloth that you can wipe your sweat during the trip. The reason why we call it micro fiber cloth is because it is a type of cloth that dries quickly.
38. Things to Consider Inside the Tent
Your tent is your home in the camp. Therefore, do not enter the tent with shoes or slippers used outside, and do not compromise on this issue to anyone. The inside of your tent should always be clean and dry.
39. Check Your Tent Flooring
Whether your tent is new or old, be sure to check if there are any tears or holes in the flooring of your tent before you go camping. If there are, do not set out without repairing them. Since the thermal insulation of your tent is very important, such a hole may cause you to feel cold.
40. Get Duct Tape
It is a temporary but beautiful solution to repair the tears that may occur in your tent.
41. Dry Your Tent
You have spent a rainy camp and you will return, your tent can experience its wetness all the way to your home. However, the first thing you do when you come home and unload your car is to open your tent and not put it back in place until you are sure it is completely dry. The reason for this is that if your tent stays wet, it can become moldy, which can steal the life of your tent.
-Clothing Tips
42. Spare Clothes
Be sure to take spare clothes with you. Do not forget to buy things that will keep you warm, such as cardigans and vests for your evening sitting. Your body temperature is very important, you can dress in layers if you are cold, but not all of them are thick sweaters, cardigans. A thin vest over a coat of short sleeves should be like a coat last. If you dress too tight, your circulation will slow down and you will start to feel cold.
43. If You Get Cold
When you feel cold while lying or sitting, take immediate action. For example, if you have started to sweat and get cold, as soon as you feel it, take off the damp clothing you are wearing and replace it with a dry one. If your feet are cold, change your socks immediately.
44. Take an Umbrella with You
The weather conditions can change at any time at the camping points. Therefore, an umbrella or two would be a good option.
45. About Clean Clothes
Always store your dry and clean clothes in a waterproof bag. If there is a necessary empty space in your tent, it must remain in the tent.
46. ​​Store Your Clothes In Your Sleeping Bag
If you're camping in cold weather, it can be difficult to get out of your sleeping bag. Keep the clothes you will wear in the morning in the sleeping bag, including during your sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you make a good start to the day by protecting your body temperature with warm clothes.
We wanted to write an article that can be useful for a camper. We hope we have been of some help for your first experience. Travel and have fun, and return home with good memories.
Have a good camp everyone...