Important Information About Medical Coolers
Medical coolers are used in different branches of the healthcare industry. Compliance with the legislation required by the state is sought in cooling devices, as in other medical devices. When choosing a medical cooling device, it is essential that it be produced according to the criteria determined by the Ministry of Health. Reliability and technical equipment are important in the medical cooling devices produced.
Medical coolers are cabinets that can operate at predetermined temperature standards and can carry products without deterioration. Medical coolers are among the products that must have the features required by the state.
It is quite possible to come across medical coolers when they are used for different purposes in the health field and laboratories. Thanks to their features, medical coolers should safely store many products that need to be stored at low temperatures.
The common point of medical coolers, whose features and designs vary according to the area of ​​use, is the obligation to comply with the criteria determined by the Ministry of Health.
The medical cooler features can vary considerably depending on the purpose and for which the storage cabinet is produced. Because medical cooler models are specially designed in order to provide the highest efficiency to the product or substance stored in the storage cabinet.
In particular, the blood cabinets used in blood centers and laboratories must meet the necessary conditions for the blood not to deteriorate. It also allows to increase the number of blood stored in the blood cabinets, which have wide liter options.
Why is Medical Cooler Maintenance Important?
Medical cooler maintenance is very important due to its usage area and purpose. Products such as vaccines, drugs and blood stored in the medical cooler must not deteriorate. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out studies on the maintenance of medical refrigerators, taking into account the product characteristics. Because the products preserved in the medical refrigerator should not lose their qualities. For example, blood is at risk of being affected by different temperatures and spoiled.
The temperature applied in the cold chain differs according to the properties of the materials. Undesirable results can be encountered when medical cooler maintenance is interrupted. It is very important that items such as blood and medicine, which may need urgent transfer, reach their address safely. It is advantageous to make this transfer both with the right cold chain application and with a durable and functional device.
How to Maintain Medical Cooler?
It is very important because of the vital importance of the medical products stored in the medical refrigerator care. It is necessary to provide the right storage conditions in order to prevent the possibility of deterioration of substances such as drugs and blood. The efficient use of the device is also an important issue in medical cooler maintenance. It is also very important not to leave the cover open and to take the right precautions against power cuts.
Periodic maintenance makes it possible to quickly detect and prevent problems that may occur. Regular control of medical refrigerators, where important medical products are stored, also prevents possible malfunctions.
Medical cooler maintenance first starts during the installation of the device. Medical cooler consists of different parts according to its model and design. Shelf, drawer, door and all remaining parts must be sterilized before use. It is important to repeat this process regularly.
How to maintain medical cooler;
-Medical cooler maintenance should be done by experts and periodic maintenance should be done by the authorities.
- While maintaining the device, the characteristics of the medical cooler should be considered.
-For the movement of outdoor medical coolers to be restricted, the wheels must be serviced regularly.
Availability of spare parts for medical chiller maintenance speeds up the process considerably. Spare parts will ensure that the medical cooler is ready for use again quickly in case of problems.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Medical Cooling Device
The choice of medical cooling device is very important, as they provide the storage of vital products such as vaccines and blood. Long-term used medical cooling devices should be selected according to the needs. Devices that are used in accordance with the instructions and maintained regularly, safely store the necessary products. So what should be considered when choosing a medical refrigerant?
-The cooling device must be installed by experts. After installation and first control, the coolers can be used immediately.
-Capacity plays a very important role when choosing a cooling device. There are coolers designed with different volume capacities.
-Medical cooling devices can be used indoors or outdoors. Therefore, the selection should be made according to the area to be used.
-The area where the cooler to be used indoors will be used should be chosen carefully. The suitability of factors such as the ground on which it will stand and the angle of incidence of the sun's rays will affect the efficient operation of the device.
- Remote access via wireless internet facilitates the use of coolers.
-Long-term data storage and failure recording is one of the most sought-after features in medical coolers.
-The cooler with a large screen provides ease of use. Practical operations are carried out with the large screen that allows the information to be seen clearly.
-The insulation thickness and the quality of the material used directly affect the efficiency of the device.
Features such as voltage range power consumption and backup battery life are also among the things to consider when choosing a medical cooling device.
-Guarantee services, post-warranty support and after-sales services, user-oriented brands, are very important when choosing a medical cooling device. The solution-oriented service will ensure that cold chain applications run smoothly.
-When choosing a medical cooling device, you should choose from high quality, comfortable and useful coolers that serve with high quality standards.