Importance of Cold Storages
The warehouses created to prevent the deterioration of food and to make it usable for a long time are called cold storage. Many usage areas and forms have been created such as freezing and preserving products such as fish, meat, vegetables, saplings in a cold and cold state by grading. Cold storages are also used by hospitals, factories and catering companies. Cold storages date back to the 1800s and have been beneficial to business owners for a very long time.
Before the installation of cold storage rooms, a detailed analysis and study should be done. There are many factors that make the system work well. All of them should be evaluated together and the most suitable system for the business should be designed. There are many standard and customized sizes. All factors should be evaluated in order for the system to work optimally and especially to save energy.
Although fruits and vegetables are produced according to the seasons, they are in demand throughout the year. Products such as meat, milk and eggs are also products that must be preserved. Due to these demands of the market, cold storage solutions have been developed to prolong the life of perishable products and to prevent food spoilage.

Cold storage solutions have become an integral part of storage solutions due to their many benefits and role in business development. We would like to talk about some of the most important features of these systems;
-Various Usage Areas; The temperature of the cold storages can be adjusted, they can be used for different functions by changing the temperature and humidity. These warehouses are airtight and help protect your products from extreme temperatures and weather changes outside the warehouse. Another advantage with these containers with an adjustable temperature range is that they can be used as a dehumidifier when dry storage is required. The temperatures inside most of these warehouses can be adjusted from -30 degrees to +30 degrees. Set the tank to the preferred temperature, then leave it to the cold storage.
-Customizable Dimensions and Settings; The cooling technology of refrigerated chambers has been developed to the point where many different sizes and types are available for your specific needs. These custom tanks can be equipped with the right refrigerant system to meet the specific needs you may have. In order to keep your products frozen, you may not need a system that operates at continuous freezing temperatures. In this case, a cooling tank is available to keep your products dry and cool. Portable warehouses and permanent fixed systems are available in many sizes.
-Making Space; Having enough space and storage is a constant challenge we all face at home and at work. Internal coolers not only take up a lot of space, but they can also raise the temperature of the rooms they are in due to the extra heat they produce while working. The fans and compressors of these tanks generate heat while they are running. If cold storage is used outside the building, this excess heat is removed from the room.
-Backup and Accessibility: Cold storage not only provides an extra storage space, but can also be used for further protection of your products. The contents of coolers and refrigerators can be moved to the cold storage area when threatened with electricity going out. The airtight nature of the cold storage will ensure that the temperature of the space remains at a lower and constant temperature for a longer period of time. This allows you to store more products for longer in case of a power outage. Cold stores can also be adjusted to meet your required storage needs. A storage task can be accomplished by adding shelves. Free standing storage racks can be used by moving them in and out as storage needs change.
-Saving Money: Unfortunately, we have to throw away perishable food and other products because we do not store them. Cold storage helps to extend the life of fresh produce by controlling the humidity level while keeping the fruits and vegetables at the right temperature. This will help minimize waste and save money. Fruit left at room temperature can spoil quickly. If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, a cold store can keep your harvest fresher and longer. If you buy your fruits and vegetables in bulk, cold storage will also benefit you. They can also be used to extend the life of flour, sugar and other baking materials. Another way cold rooms save you money is on your energy bills. An efficient, well-functioning cold room store will cost less than other types of cold storage, such as multiple conventional refrigerators and freezers.
Cold storages will make it very convenient for you to keep your products fresh and usable for a long time.