How to Prepare a Camping Bag
After you have decided on the materials you will buy, it is time to place your camping bag. The front, back, right and left of the load you will carry should be loaded very balanced. If one side is heavier, your body will waste energy and tire itself because of this imbalance. It can also increase the danger of falling uphill or downhill. It is important to keep your load light to avoid bumps or sudden movements that could cause you to fall.
-Heavy materials should come to the level of the back. Medium-weight items should be placed in the bottom and sides of the bag; light materials should be placed in the upper sections.
- Put your bedding materials (quilt-mattress) and spare clothes in the lower parts of your backpack. You can put your canteen on your back. You should put your spare shoes in the bottom pocket of your bag.
-You should put your tent, camping stove, cooking utensils and food vertically in the middle of the backpack. These materials should be as close to your spine as possible. If there is no room for the tent in the bag and the tent is light, you can place it on the body of your bag with the extra straps.
- Cardigan, sweatpants, waterproof jacket and first aid kit should be placed at the top of your backpack. Map, compass, sunscreen, sunglasses can be put in different pockets.
- Items such as camera and phone should be put in the vest pocket.
-You should adjust the back height without putting your bag on your back. After placing the bag on your shoulders, you must first adjust the waist strap. You should finalize your preparation by making the necessary adjustments on the shoulder straps and tightening the load adjusting straps.
We wish you happy, beautiful and peaceful camps…