How the World's Oldest Caravan Was
The world's oldest caravan began to be used as a way to transport goods from the 15th century, but today it has become part of the travel and entertainment industry. The word caravan is derived from the Persian word for caravan.
The world's oldest caravan was horse-drawn and extremely simple. The first known caravan was built in 1885 by Dr. It was designed by William Gordon Stables and was built from maple. The first trailer was about 5 and a half meters and the name of the trailer is known as 'The Wanderer'. This first horse-drawn caravan was able to carry a bookshelf, cabinet and piano on its maiden voyage from Twyford in Berkshire to Inverness, accompanied by two horses. However, this caravan made its return journey by a train and returned to London. This first trailer was donated to The Caravan Club in the 1960s by Stables' daughter and is still on display.

Nick Lomas, Managing Director of The Caravan Club, said he has a pioneering spirit for William Gordon Stables. It is obvious that Stables, who is stated to be a true adventure lover, has inspired many people. If we can enjoy the freedom, nature and beauty with a caravan today, Stables should be known as the pioneer of this.
The first caravans designed were seen as luxury goods and were reserved for the wealthy upper classes. But over time, caravans started to become popular, and in the early 1900s the caravan club was founded.
Bill Riley, owner of a company called Eccles, founded in Birmingham in 1919, designed the first motorhome, which was displayed at a motor show. Due to the orders given for the caravan, which attracted great attention at the fair, Eccles factories were put into service in 1919 and 50 caravans were produced for the first time. By the 1930s, caravans also became more suitable for the middle classes.
In 1937, more affordable models were produced using more modern and, most importantly, lighter materials. Production ceased during World War II and the trailer was designed entirely for army needs.
The precursor to the world famous 'Sprite' model, the 'Streamlite Rover' was developed in 1948 and helped elevate the industry. Over time, these caravans started to become fully equipped vehicles with kitchens, multi-rooms and showers, using lighter, cheaper but more durable materials. This is the most important element that ensures that caravans can be used anytime and anywhere.
We wish you a camping year, where you spend wonderful and comfortable journeys and wonderful weekends.