No matter what time of the year you are going to have a picnic, keeping hot or cold foods and drinks at their optimum temperatures will increase the pleasure you will get from the activity you will do with nature. Buying a car refrigerator will be the most logical choice considering both the pleasure you will get and the good time you will spend without risking your health.

Whether it's a summer beach picnic or an autumn picnic in the park, some foods should be kept refrigerated. Appetizers, soft drinks, olive oil foods and salads you prepare need to be served cold. A very important point that should be mentioned apart from increasing the pleasure you will get from the picnic is the issue of food safety. Don't feel like you just have to keep your picnic food cold while carrying it. The same priority should be given to keeping your meals and drinks cold at garden picnics with loved ones, where people are often most indifferent to keeping food cold. A car refrigerator will meet this need as a way to keep your meals cold and fresh, considering both the pleasure you will receive and your health.

Safe Food Temperatures

.Safe temperature for cold food is 4.44℃ and below,

.Safe temperature for hot food is 60℃,

.These temperatures are called the "danger zone".

How to Keep Food Cold at a Picnic

In order not to spoil your food, your food and drinks should not be kept at room temperature for more than two hours. With a car fridge, you can take that much less time away from being a threat to your food if you're picnicking outside on a hot day. Here are some basic tips to ensure your food does not enter the danger zone:

    .Before packing your picnic, make sure your food is properly refrigerated.

    .Only take your food out of the refrigerator as close to serving as possible.

    .Use insulated picnic accessories to keep cold food at or below 4.44℃

    .Keep food covered as much as possible to keep the cool inside and the heat out.

    .Use cooler mats under food or portable ice trays to keep food cold while being served.

    .Keep food and food storage containers such as refrigerators in the shade.

    .Always use a food thermometer if in doubt.

    .Discard any food left out for more than 2 hours at room temperature.

Ways to Keep Picnic Meals Cold

Depending on the type of food at your picnic and the location of the venue, there are many simple and effective ways to keep your picnic foods and drinks cold.

Coolers and Insulated Picnic Bags

Using proper coolers or insulated bags to transport and store your food until it's ready to be cooked or served, getting a car refrigerator is integral to keeping your picnic food at its best.

If you're only carrying a small treat for yourself, there are plenty of small insulated food containers and bags for small amounts of food, for example, for a hiking picnic, work break, or to skip meals on any hiking day. Considering insulated picnic baskets and picnic backpacks, good insulation is always a requirement for a good food carrier bag for us.

Use Additional Cooling

Putting food that is already cold in an insulated bag will keep your food cold for a while. However, using additional cooling, for example a car refrigerator, will keep your food cold and healthy for longer.

Use Frozen Water Bottles

Freeze a few bottles of water and use it in your preferred insulated picnic carrier to keep food cold. While the bottles are thawing, you'll have plenty of cold water on hand throughout the day.

Using Ice to Keep Picnic Meals Cold

Using ice at picnics is often a sensible option. You can put your food in a cooler box or any of the bags we mentioned earlier and keep them cold. The block ice at the bottom always lasts longer. You will only need an additional plastic bag and will need to drain the water as it melts throughout the day.

Cube ice works great at keeping everything cold, but it can also make your bag messy. If you don't want the ice cubes to melt and disappear, put the cubes in sealed, reusable ziplock bags.

Using ziplock bags will prevent the cubes from melting too quickly, preventing the ice from becoming contaminated with foodstuffs, so you can put it in drinks and keep your cooler relatively dry and tidy.

Keeping your cooler organized keeps the right things, colder for longer. If a wet picnic mess is mentioned, the ziplock bags you will use will save you from this possibility.

If block ice is sufficient to keep your drinks cold, always place a thermos around a thermos just to use it for drinks.

You can put some ice cubes.

Don't Remove All the Food at Once

Don't remove all the food from your car refrigerator at once if you don't need it. Stagger portions and/or portions so that food is not left out unnecessarily.

You can have your feast with appetizers and snacks first, then delicatessen products to be cooked, then salads and main courses you have cooked, then desserts, especially summer desserts. If you are crowded, try to remove only portions of foods that you can re-serve as you consume them, and renew them as needed.

Keep Food Covered

Keep food covered with a container lid or at least a clean cloth napkin or foil. Not only will it keep foreign bacteria out, it will also keep your food in the shade and the coolness inside.

Remove Leftover Food When You've Finished Eating

If you plan to take leftovers home or think there may be a second round of snacking later in the day, put the food back in your car refrigerator. At least if someone gets hungry later or wants to take home some food, you can be sure it will still be fresh.