Fridgers DX50 50Lt Portable Car Refrigerator makes you forget to stop for food on the road with its large volume. Fridgers DX40, every feature of which has been developed based on your experiences, makes your journeys more enjoyable and comfortable.


Industry Leader with Low Power Consumption
Low power consumption is best for both your vehicle and your refrigerator.
LG High Efficiency Compressor
LG brand, which has proven itself in the world market, is used with a super quiet (whisper level sound will not disturb) and high efficiency compressor which is very good in terms of efficiency.
Adjustable Temperature Level (Summer-Winter)
These are the temperature levels that should be adjusted during seasonal transitions.
Smart Adjust Level
It is a refrigerator that you can adjust to the desired setting level and use it easily.
Cyclopentane Insulation Layer
The insulation layer is very important for the refrigerator. Our Fridgers car refrigerator models provide the necessary insulation to keep your products healthy.
Super Cooling and Insulation
With the materials and technologies used, you will be able to cool without any difficulties. It is very reliable in terms of insulation.
Large Capacity
We have a range of car refrigerators in different capacity types that can meet your needs.
German Engineering Design
The German engineering tradition stands out in the field of industrial design, emphasizing basic principles such as quality, durability, functionality and aesthetics.
Custom Texture Cover
Special production non-slip floor.
Digital Indicators
With the digital displays in our DX50 refrigerator model, you can see the screen clearly day and night.
Digital Touch Screen
The smart touch panel is easy, straightforward and simple to use.
Control via Bluetooth
Supports remote control via Bluetooth.

Comfortable Carrying Handles
It is the carrying handles that are created for comfortable and smooth transport and provide convenience to the user.
Tab Cover
These covers will never open unless you touch them and try to open them, so they are safe.
3-Stage Battery Protection
It is designed for maximum protection. Your battery will not be completely discharged or damaged while the refrigerator is running. (Low-medium-high
Shock and Shock Resistant
With the quality of the materials used in our Fridgers car refrigerator models, they are highly resistant to vibrations.
2 Pieces of Ice Trays
It comes with the cabinet. Fill and freeze ice trays before departure. It is an effective solution for preserving your food and beverages.
“R134a” Safe Refrigerant
It is the name given to the colorless inert gas used as a refrigerant. It has no harmful effect on the ozone layer due to its production purpose.
Car Cigarette Lighter Power Cord (3.5 m)
It offers the opportunity to easily charge the device.
Cooling range -20°C to +8°C
It offers the opportunity to store your food and beverages by making your choice within these ranges.
Eco Low Consumption Mode
Our car refrigerator freezes and cools more slowly in this mode. It consumes less energy.
Max. Performance Operating Mode
Our car refrigerator freezes or cools faster in this mode. It consumes more energy.
Digital Indicators
They are completely digital and easily understandable indicators.
Warranty Period
The warranty period of our Fridgers refrigerator models is 2 YEARS.
Non-Slip Floor – Cup Holders
Phone or tablet can be easily placed on the non-slip floor. In addition, the glass eyes will provide you with great convenience while driving.

USB Charging Port
You will be able to easily charge your phone, tablet and computer with this feature.