Fridgers 12/24VDC Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerators meet your needs perfectly with its large volume and compact size for usage areas where the smallest centimeter is important, such as boats, yachts and caravans. With its security systems, it works fully compatible and efficiently with all vehicles and devices that it receives and supplies power.

Fridgers DE198 Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerator, which perfectly meets all the needs of sea lovers who go to the open seas without stopping for a long time, or travelers who have a caravan at the same time, was produced with just such situations and much more in mind. Our specially produced refrigerator, which can operate with 12/24V and 220V, is large enough to meet all your needs with its large freezer and refrigerator chamber, and will always be with you as your most trusted assistant while you are traveling freely.

Industry Leader with Low Power Consumption
Low power consumption is best for both your vehicle and your refrigerator.
High Efficiency Sikelan Brand Compressor
It works with low noise and shows high performance in terms of efficiency. (Quiet and consumes less energy)
Adjustable Temperature Level (Summer-Winter)
These are the temperature levels that should be adjusted during seasonal transitions.
German Micro Cellular Foam Insulation Technology
It keeps your food and drinks cold for a long time without operating the device, thanks to its cold chain. In addition, the cooling process continues in case of sudden power cuts.
Cyclopentane Insulation Layer
The insulation layer is very important for the refrigerator. Our Fridgers car refrigerator models provide the necessary insulation to keep your products healthy.
Spacious Interior
Freezer + Refrigerator capacity is 198 LITER in total.
Freezer Capacity
Refrigerator Capacity
Lockable Covers
It should be put in the locked position so that the covers do not open during the journey. It is designed so that in case of an accident or shaking, the covers are opened and the contents are not spilled.
Super Cooling and Insulation
With the materials and technologies used, you will be able to cool without any difficulties. It is very reliable in terms of insulation.
Large Capacity
There are different types of capacities available to meet your needs.
Automatic Defrost
Auto-defrosting or self-defrosting is a technique that regularly defrosts the evaporator in a refrigerator or freezer.
Adjustable Feet
It is designed to be able to adjust if the height is more or less.
Wheeled Rear Legs
It is designed for convenient transport of the refrigerator.
Door Tapes
They are removable and cleanable tapes.
Steel Door Hinges
In order to further increase the strength of the refrigerator door, hinges used in the construction of steel doors, which are very strong and durable, are used.
Indoor LED Lighting
It is designed for you to find the products easily in the evening on the boat, yacht or caravan.
battery protection
It is designed for maximum protection. Your battery will not be completely discharged or damaged while the refrigerator is running. There is also short circuit protection.
Vehicle Power Cable (1 m)
It is the cable you need to activate your refrigerator after placing it.
220V Adapter
You can buy it optionally from our website.
“R134a” Safe Refrigerant
It is the name given to the colorless inert gas used as a refrigerant. It has no harmful effect on the ozone layer due to its production purpose.
Stainless steel
It does not corrode or rust and does not leave water stains on it like ordinary steels. Therefore, it has been preferred and presented to our users.
Door Handles
In this refrigerator model, the door handles have handles.
Cover Shelves
3 door shelves come with the refrigerator.
Glass Shelves
It comes with 3 glass shelves refrigerator.
Ice Shelf
2 freezer shelves come with the refrigerator.
Refrigerator Drawer
It comes with 1 drawer refrigerator.
Egg Laying Place
It is an indispensable part of the refrigerator.
Cooling Range -18°C to +4°C
It offers the opportunity to store your food and beverages by making your choice within these ranges.
Warranty Period
The warranty period of our Fridgers refrigerator models is 2 YEARS.