Cooling Effect of 12V/24V Portable Car Refrigerators

Cooling and freezing is the most basic functional requirement for portable vehicle refrigerators. However, not every tool can freeze the refrigerator.

Many car owners are after cost effectiveness and choose a semiconductor portable car refrigerator with cooling only function (5°C minimum). However, when traveling by car, it is inevitable that the cooling effect of the portable car refrigerator for frozen foods will not meet expectations, and therefore a lot of food will spoil.

In fact, a portable car refrigerator can be frozen.

Before launching our products, it has conducted rigorous tests on portable car refrigerators such as: Can portable car refrigerators with compressors have a cooling temperature of -18℃ as stated in the slogan? How long does it take to freeze? How is the effect?

The first thing that can be confirmed is that the compressor car refrigerator can actually freeze and keep your frozen products just as fresh; This is easy to detect, the room temperature is 32°C and the ultra-fast cooling mode is turned on when the box is empty. It only takes 15 minutes for the refrigerator's temperature to reach 0°C.

So, can the lowest temperature reach -18°C?

The temperature of Fridgers smart compressor portable car refrigerators can be controlled via the mobile phone Bluetooth feature and the lowest temperature is -18°C.

What is the cooling effect of a compressor car refrigerator?

The freezing effect of the refrigerator also depends on the contents of the refrigerator. The more stuff in the box, the slower the chance of freezing.

Fridgers Portable Car Refrigerators Cooling Effect and Quality

Fridgers portable car refrigerator models have managed to stand out among the numerous 12V/24V portable car refrigerator types on the market with their features. The company is recognized as an innovative and excellent manufacturer of such refrigerators. The name Fridgers has long been synonymous with quality and durability. The company has adopted to use high-quality stainless steel as the main component of the cooling components. It also uses ceramic materials in its cooling panels and other important parts.

The Fridgers portable car refrigerator is one of the most functional refrigerators you can buy. This is because it has a very large area to place a lot of food. In addition, these models have a very efficient compressor that helps reduce energy consumption. The cooling system is controlled by pressing a button, which keeps the temperature at a constant level. The door-close refrigerator feature allows users to close the doors even when the refrigerator is in use. This kind of useful feature allows people to take drinks with them even when traveling.

These 12V/24V portable car refrigerators are suitable to be placed inside your truck, bus or caravan with their universal fit design. They can also be used inside your garage and home when you don't have enough space to install a full-size refrigerator. Most Fridgers portable car refrigerators are lightweight which makes them easy to transport. Also, they take up minimal space inside your vehicle as they are quite compact. These refrigerators are also designed with a sealed-liquid cooling system to prevent ice build-up and leakage.

Another benefit of using Fridgers 12V/24V portable car refrigerators is the efficiency of conveying cold air to the cooling chambers while sending the heated air out of the compressor. The compressor of the device is designed in such a way that the heated air is vented out, while the cold air remains perfectly in the rooms.12V/24V portable car refrigerators are a great product to replace the traditional full size refrigerator as they consume less electricity and have more features compared to their counterparts. Portable car refrigerators are especially useful for families with young children, as many need a stable temperature to keep them healthy.

There are various types of 12V/24V refrigerators on the market based on different functions. Some have freezer, cold and hot water dispensers, while others are self-contained coolers. There are also versions of these coolers with solar energy systems, working with renewable energy sources. If you are interested in purchasing one of these refrigerators, it is important to know that they come with a universal fit and can run on completely clean energy.



It is also possible to find some dual chamber 12V/24V car refrigerator models that come with a refrigerator and freezer section. An advantage of portable car refrigerators with double compartments is that they can hold frozen food and drinks and the second compartment can only be used as a cooler. The larger refrigerator section of these refrigerators allows you to store a large number of items such as canned food and long-term food items. Many people prefer large vertical refrigerators to such ones as they are easier to keep clean and spacious.