Points About Cooler Bags And Portable Car Refrigerators

If you like to carry your food with you in order to consume it with the same freshness and healthy, and if you are camping, “Should I renew my cooler box or buy a portable car refrigerator instead?” You are likely to ask yourself the question.
The answer is much more than a cost analysis. Cooler bags and portable car refrigerators each have their own benefits, of course.

This article is written to give you a better idea of ​​your needs and to help you make a decision.

Cooler Bags

Portable Car Refrigerators

Affordable and Simple

An Expensive and Complicated Power Tool

Powerless Use

Requires Charging to Power On

No Temperature Control

Full Temperature Control

No Freezer Option

Temperature Range According to Needs



Easy To Clean

More Difficult to Clean

Maintenance Free

Sometimes Requires Maintenance

Short-Life Use

Long Term Use


Price is the most obvious difference between the two. You can find cooler boxes for a few hundred liras at most. On the other hand, the prices of portable refrigerators start from a few thousand liras and can reach tens of thousands of liras depending on their features.

Cooler boxes use ice and insulation to keep food cool and trap cold. Since ice can't last forever, you need to constantly add ice to your cooler box to keep your food fresh and healthy. But ice is significantly less expensive than an electrical system.
Portable car refrigerators are powered by 12V or 24V power from your car, household electrical power or power from solar panels. None of these methods are cheap. Most energy efficient refrigerators still consume 1.3Ah or more. Even if that doesn't sound like much, a solar panel can easily generate this power, but the price of the system is quickly added to the price tag to get a car refrigerator that works with this system.

Temperature Control

Portable car refrigerators are the undisputed true champions when it comes to temperature control. With its double-compartment models, it offers much wider options for your temperature needs for the foods you will place in your portable car refrigerator. For example, you can adjust one compartment to -20 degrees for your foods that you want to keep frozen, and in the other compartment you can store your drinks and food at the desired temperature. Simply push a button or turn a knob to set your foods to the perfect temperature. Some Fridgers models even come with the ability to control the temperature via bluetooth with your phone.

There are some steps you can take to better control the temperature of a cooler. But anything you do will be very ineffective and pale compared to a portable car fridge. Although modern refrigerators have come a long way since the advent of foam boxes, it is clear that they cannot even come close to portable car refrigerators when it comes to cooling and keeping cold.



To keep the contents of the refrigerator cold for more than a few hours, you must constantly fill it with ice. While this is a somewhat cumbersome procedure, it's all you have to worry about other than keeping it clean.

Portable refrigerators, on the other hand, come with a number of fine points for use. Not only do you have to maintain the refrigerator occasionally, but you should also take care of your power supply. Powering a portable car refrigerator with solar panels has been very popular lately. When using solar power, you need to monitor panels, battery power and correct wiring. Thanks to protection systems such as the low battery cut-off setting of Fridgers portable car refrigerators, you do not run the risk of damaging your car refrigerator and battery, even if these fine points go unnoticed.

Portable car refrigerators have a lot of moving parts compared to a cooler box. However, the products of competent and experienced companies such as Fridgers are pre-prepared and programmed with protection systems against all mishaps that may occur while using your car refrigerator.


Portable car refrigerators are heavier than a cooler, even when filled with ice. Yes, they are portable in the sense of taking them anywhere. But most people don't move their portable car refrigerator very much. Generally, a portable car refrigerator stays fixed in the vehicle or just outside the campsite. Conversely, even when canoeing down a river, you can have a cooler box under your feet without hesitation. A cooler box would even welcome a dip in a lake compared to water damage to a portable car refrigerator. Portable car refrigerators come to the fore as the preference of people who are self-indulgent and like to use high-tech products, to carry their food and beverages to the cooler box with almost the same practicality and with the same freshness.

Extra Features

This is where a portable car refrigerator maintains its undeniable superiority over a cooler box. The features you would find in a portable car refrigerator are unimaginable in a cooler box.

Some features of the best portable car refrigerator:

  • Precise temperature setting
  • Interior lighting
  • Dual zone options (fridge + freezer combination)
  • Digital display screens
  • Bluetooth
  • Solar panel inputs
  • For physical ease of use, Wheels, removable cutting board

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