Considerations When Choosing a Camping Site
For those who want to camp during the summer months, we wanted to write an article about the importance of choosing a camping site and important points to consider. You have decided on the region you will go to, you have bought all your belongings for the camp and you have arrived at the area where you will camp, so let's take a look at what should be considered next;

First Job Security Check
When you go to the campsite, your first job should be to choose the right place for your own safety and the safety of those around you.
- Never set up a tent under slopes, mountains and large stones.
-You should stay away from places where there is a danger of landslides.
-Do not set up tents in areas with dense trees and bushes. (Wild animal danger)
You should stay away from the peaks. (To avoid the risk of lightning strikes)
-You should stay away from under trees that may be in danger of collapse.
-Stay away from places where your mobile phone does not attract. (For emergencies)
-You should stay away from places with too many paw prints.
You should stay away from the paths.


Tent Site Selection
-You should set up your tent on a flat ground and if possible on soft soil or grass. It is an important issue for you to be comfortable while sleeping at night.
-You should not set up your tent near the water's edge. At night, while you are sleeping, water rises may occur, which can cause your tent to fill with water and even risk drowning. Another reason is that animals go down to the water's edge to meet their water needs at night.
- The place where you will set up your tent should not get too much wind.
When you go to the camping area, these discoveries should be made before settling down and you should set up your tent in the most suitable place. It is best to choose a safe area that will not disturb you and prevent injuries. Of course, you will not have to face an extra situation such as moving from your place of residence to another place and you will have a comfortable camp.

We wish you a beautiful, safe and peaceful camp…