Caravan Exterior Cleaning and Periodic Maintenance Operations
Caravan Exterior Cleaning;
Of course, it is very important that your caravan is your home and that the interior of your caravan is neat and livable. However, the exterior cleaning and maintenance of the caravan is also important. A good exterior cleaning not only keeps your leisure and living vehicle looking great, it also protects it.
First thing you need to do is to have a large area to move around your trailer comfortably. With the door and windows of your caravan closed, first water it well with the hose and remove the dirt on it. Afterwards, wash your caravan well with foam (with the help of a brush) and then rinse it again with clean water.
After washing your caravan, there are important elements that you should not forget. First of all, make sure that there is absolutely no water or foam on the roof of your caravan. The roof collects litter, it can be bird droppings, and it can produce potentially harmful things like moss and mold, which will damage your caravan. You should not go out and visit the roof of the caravan, you may cause collapse or fracture on the roof. Therefore, it should be cleaned with the help of a ladder and dried well.
We recommend that you do not wash with high pressure water. This is due to the possibility of damaging the window and door seals.
Exposure to sun rays and harmful elements can damage your caravan's paint over time, resulting in a dull and unsightly appearance. To avoid such situations, you should make or have a good polish on the exterior. Stay away from rubber seals and textured plastic or upholstery when applying the polish. Apply a thin layer in a circular fashion to your caravan and increase the driving pressure a little at some points, you can also remove any marks or scratches and make them shine. After the polishing process is applied, leave it for 15-20 minutes and then polish it with a clean cloth. Polish creates a protective barrier on your vehicle that keeps glare in and dirt and water out.
Caravan windows can be very susceptible to scratches. It is therefore recommended to use a cleaner designed for use on plastic windows and to clean it with a micro fiber cloth.

Caravan Periodic Maintenance;
You can extend the life of your vehicle by doing caravan maintenance. That's why periodic maintenance is very important for caravans. While these maintenances can be done by the repairmen, you should not underestimate the malfunctions. In periodic maintenance, the maintenance of both the vehicle's undercarriage and the vehicles in the caravan should be done without interruption. The components and other parts of the electrical goods in the caravan should be checked and if there are any malfunctions, they should be fixed. When it comes to periodic maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is;
-To clean glass, door seals and toilet seals with silicone spray from time to time.
- If you have a water tank, cleaning and disinfecting before the trip.
-Cleaning the refrigerator vents.
-Checking and cleaning the undercaravan air ducts.
-Refrigerator cleaning and icing control.
- Tire checks. The integrity of the spare tire should also be checked.
-Checking the chassis and tightening the bolts if necessary (Service recommended).
-Making brake adjustments and replacing brake pads. Replacing the stabilizer pads as needed (Service recommended).
-Replace deformed wicks (Service recommended).
-Heating system, air conditioner cleaning and control (Service recommended).
-Gas leak detection (Service recommended).
-Maintenance and replacement of glass dampers (Service recommended).
-Hob control and gas test (Service recommended).
-Humidity test and action (Service is recommended).
Your first goal is to use your caravan longer, safely and comfortably. Regular maintenance is required to avoid surprises during your travels. Fixing the faults immediately and not missing the periodic maintenance will protect your caravan and you. In order for you to have a pleasant journey, you must have your caravan maintenance done.