Insulation Technology: The Core Competitiveness of Portable Car Refrigerators

The development of the portable car refrigerator industry in Turkey was relatively late and only started to emerge in 2000. However, in the face of Turkey's trillion dollar automotive import and production market with an annual growth rate of more than 20%, portable vehicle refrigerators have a very strong market potential. Fridgers, which managed to stand out from its competitors in this market and made a name for itself with its material and assembly quality, read the requirements of portable refrigerators well and combined them with customer experiences. And in 2021, our brand, which has dealers and sales points in more than 30 countries in 4 continents, has become the market leader thanks to you, our valued customers.

Keep-fresh technology, namely insulation, is the core competitiveness of portable car refrigerators, and Fridgers has upgraded its insulation to the extreme. Fridgers has launched its core product, the DE series, as a portable car refrigerator for long-distance truck drivers. In this series, energy-saving and efficient dual cooling modes consist of compartments that adopt cold storage and freezing when necessary. Fridgers Portable Car Refrigerator does not damage the vehicle battery, saves electricity and does not consume fuel, it can be used away from the vehicle. Space use is not limited to meeting food preservation needs. In the freezer and rapid cooling mode, imported compression refrigeration technology is adopted, and the lowest temperature can reach -20 degrees Celsius, so that the food can achieve the freezing effect you want in the shortest time, meet the demand for cold need, and is also suitable for storing urgent needs such as medicine, vaccine. The truck driver can choose the appropriate mode for the car refrigerator according to the actual situation, such as the length of the road, driving or stopping and resting. With it, you can store fresh food, fruit and iced drinks, eat them whenever you want, solve the problem of food and drink, nutrition and health for truck and truck drivers.

Everyone knows that long-distance trucks and truck drivers cannot sleep and eat before they reach certain places with their vehicles. Food costs are low and unhealthy, as are the nutritional values ​​of fast food at local high-speed service stations. In addition, after the COVID epidemic, drivers in the logistics and transportation sector became more interested in the health problems of eating and drinking. Truck and truck drivers sometimes cannot find a restaurant when they go to distant places. However, many truck and truck drivers spend a lot of time using their vehicles in order to finish the road and keep up with the route.With it, you can store fresh food, fruit and iced drinks, eat them whenever you want, solve the problem of food and drink, nutrition and health for truck and truck drivers.


Fridgers Portable Car Refrigerators are sealed with a 360-degree German technology, micro-cellular foamed, cyclopentane insulating material filling that stores cold air and prevents odors. Even if the electricity is accidentally cut off during a long journey, it ensures that the food is not spoiled and rotten due to the temperature change in the car, the fruits and vegetables stay fresh and the meat texture does not change for a long time. Sealed insulation of the inner tank prevents water vapor from penetrating into the insulation layer and prolongs the service life of the refrigerator; Intelligent temperature control, control of the application LCD panel, the temperature of the cabinet can be adjusted anytime and anywhere, and it works in harmony with the temperature control technology. It is inevitable to encounter various rough road conditions in the cargo transportation process, sometimes even going to various remote mountainous areas. To facilitate the daily use of truck drivers, the Fridgers Portable Car Refrigerator has a special anti-vibration and anti-shock design to ensure its cooling and operation is not affected, it continues to work efficiently even if it is tilted about 30 degrees.


You can contact us to choose the one you need from Fridgers products, which stand out from their competitors with the latest technology, German micro-cellular foam and cyclopentane insulation, large capacity and efficiency.