How to Camp with Kids ~ Tips from a Family Camping Expert

Many parents have romanticized and lived through memories of big family camping adventures from our own childhoods. But that was a long time ago, and now you're a family and we may miss the little details of what makes these trips so fun for their kids. If you're planning a family camping vacation this year, follow these six simple tips for camping with the kids.

1. Give Kids Time to Explore

Children love the outdoors. Different from us adults, but still true and honest love. One of my childhood memories is when I saw a banana slug for the first time in a campsite we went to in Muğla. The big, imposing old trees didn't really interest me, but those huge yellow slugs were like aliens from another planet!

Such memories from my childhood help me slow down while camping and help my kids develop their own curiosity. Your hike to the waterfall or rock formation may have to wait if they want to stop and jump rocks across a creek or play through a puddle of mud with a stick for twenty minutes

2. Choose the Right Place to Camp with the Kids

When we think of camping as parents, we often have big visions of big forests like Fethiye, Bolu or Asos. These are certainly awe-inspiring destinations, but your kids will likely be happier at smaller or city campsites where you live. They'll be even happier as they spend less time in the car and more time at the campground.

If you're just starting out camping, you may be surprised to discover that your city or region has some very nice campgrounds. These are often great places for family camping. During the busy summer months when these more popular spots are already full, choosing the campsite to be quiet makes it much easier to camp comfortably.

Many of these campgrounds are located near outdoor recreation venues such as lakes that can provide your family with additional opportunities for fun and adventure. Many city campgrounds also offer entertainment venues such as music and children's entertainment programs throughout the summer.

3. Buy or Rent the Right Camping Equipment

If you've just started camping, the last thing you want to do is avoid spending a lot of money on camping gear. One of the benefits of camping with kids is that it's a cheap vacation. Also, unless you have a lot of camping experience, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what equipment will work best for you.

Renting equipment not only makes sense from a budget point of view, it's also a great way to try out different types of equipment before investing in a long-term purchase.

You will need a tent, sleeping bags and a camping stove. It makes more sense to buy equipment that you can also use for other family activities, such as portable car refrigerators and camping chairs. When renting equipment, set up the tent before you go to the campsite to make sure you understand how everything comes together and not to waste time at the campsite, and to check that no parts are missing.

4. Plan Activities You Can Do at Camp with the Kids

There are lots of fun family camping activities to enjoy, from hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and frying marshmallows around the campfire. The campsite's web page will give you some specific ideas based on the specific events available. They will also provide a calendar of family activities, such as children's activities schedules, if available.

Our kids love to play Uno and memory card matching games that are easy to pack and playable at the picnic table, and you should definitely take them with you.

Getting away from the campground often means hiking, which can be challenging for kids at times. One way to add interest to a walk is to make a game out of it. Start with the letter 'A' and challenge your kids to find something that starts with that letter. After seeing something, have him find something with the next letter. With this game you play, you take a photo of every object your children discover. This is a great way to fill out the family camp notebook you can prepare for them.

5. What to Eat While Camping With Kids

Plan lots of breaks and bring plenty of snacks and drinks. Preparing delicious camping meals will make your family's camping experience more enjoyable for everyone. If you happen to own a portable car refrigerator. You can store fresh food for your kids and you'll have drinks to cool them down every time they get hot.

6. Have fun!

Camping with kids can be just as much fun for parents as it is for them. There are few things more satisfying than watching your children explore and experience nature. This is the place where memories are made; catching their first fish, seeing their first wild animal, learning to jump a rock in the water. To school they will have a lot to tell all their friends when they return.