How to Keep Drinks Cold While Camping?

Keeping Drinks Cold at Home

Start the cooling process without ever leaving your home.

Tip 1: Make ice blocks yourself.

The larger the block of ice, the later it will melt.
You can create ice molds in the cooler of your refrigerator at home by filling plastic food containers.
When you're ready to pack your camping cooler for your trip, use the blocks to line the bottom of the cooler and layer it between drinks.

Tip 2. Freeze your water bottles.

If you freeze your drinking water at home, you can use it as ice in beverage and food coolers. The water in the bottle will be ready to drink as it melts throughout the journey.

Tip 3. Freeze your frozen beverages.

Did you know that milk can be frozen?

We say consider freezing milk, juice, mixed drinks (like vodka and lemonade), and other still drinks before you leave the house.
When you go camping later, leave them in the fridge for as long as possible, but remember to allow enough time for defrosting so they're drinkable when you're ready to consume them.

Tip 4 Make large ice cubes.

When you use ice to cool a drink in a glass, they will last longer and will not dilute your drink if you use large cubes.

So make big ice cubes at home and put them in plastic freezer bags to keep them clean. They will act as ice to keep your cooler cold.

Tip 5. Pre-chill your drinks and coolers.

If you put hot drinks in hot coolers, your cold ice will melt faster, so don't forget to cool your products in your cooler the day before you leave your home. So you have an advantage in the melting process and they stay cold longer.
Make sure your cooler is in a cool place for pre-cooling.

6. Tip Use TWO beverage coolers.

You should have a smaller cooler with enough drinks for the day and a larger one with drinks for your entire trip.

Upon arrival at camp, the larger "long-storage cooler" should only be turned on once a day to fill the smaller "daytime cooler", which will be turned on several times each day.

7. Tip Organize your cooler.

When you pack and refill your coolers, if you keep them organized, you can quickly open your cooler, get what you need and close the lid.
E.g; you may want to keep beer on the left, sodas on the right, and milk, juice, and water in the middle.

Tip 8. Use re-freezable ice packs.

If you have a freezer at the campground, you can plug it into a power source, such as in a trailer or a freezer box, and refreeze ice coolers as needed during your trip.
If you don't have enough room in your caravan freezer or if we're tent camping, we use dry ice in a cooler to keep re-freezable ice packs frozen food and drinks frozen. Learn more about it and how to pack a cooler for maximum efficiency.

Tip 9. Use a well-insulated cooler.

The better the cooler, the more insulation it has, which will delay the melting of ice and keep your drinks cold for longer.

Tip 10. Add extra insulation to your cooler.

If you don't have a really good cooler you can improve the insulation aspect by adding more insulation.

Here are a few ways to add insulation to your camping cooler:

Outside: Wrap the cooler in a wet blanket or beach towel and re-wet as it dries. As the water evaporates, it cools the cooler.

Inside: Place a mat over your cold stuff to protect it from the air gap between your drinks and the cooler cover. You could use something like reusable ice mats or even reflective foil insulation.
Keeping Drinks Cold on the Road
Keep cooling during transport.

11. Tip Protect your cooler during transport.

Don't let the pre-cooling you do on the way to the campsite steal your drinks.
This is the best choice if you have room in an air-conditioned vehicle. The bed or outside cargo area of ​​a truck exposed to hot sunlight and asphalt temperatures is the most undesirable option.

12. Tip Store coolers in a cool, shaded place.

Direct sunlight and hot surfaces (like concrete and asphalt) are the enemies of your camp coolers!!!

13. Tip Keep the cooler off.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your drinks cold is to lock in the cold … and … keep the heat out of your cooler by keeping the lid closed as much as possible.

Here are a few ways to do this:

take orders. If the 5 Campers are nearing the end of their drink and they all need to be refilled, act like a good waiter and take orders. Go to the cooler and get all 5 drinks at once. If it is night, do it with a flashlight, it will help you see the places of the drinks you will buy and close the lid of your cooler as soon as possible.

14. Tip Keep your coolers full.

When there is free space inside the cooler, it fills with hot air, so pack it tightly and keep it full.

15. Tip Embed the cooler.

Did you know that in the summer, basements are cooler than rooms above ground level?
The insulation factor of the soil makes burying your cooler a great option to protect it from the scorching heat of hot summer days.
If you are going to bury your refrigerator, store it in a shaded area and bury it only deep enough to be open and operational.
It's best to cover the lid with a wet towel for an added cooling factor.

16. Tip Chill your drinks in bodies of water.

If you're camping near a stream, river, or lake that has colder water than the outside temperature, you can dip it in to cool your drinks.

17. Tip Restock only with pre-chilled beverages.

If you need to refill your cooler while traveling, use pre-chilled beverages.