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8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V

8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
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8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V

8Lt Car Refrigerator 12/24V

You can use Fridgers 12/24VDC Auto Refrigerator in Auto, Truck, Minibus, Bus, Truck and all kinds of vehicles.

With the capacity of our portable car refrigerator suitable for use in your car when going on a picnic or for a daily getaway, be sure that it will be enough for you. With its beautiful design and lightness, your refrigerator, which you can easily carry to the picnic area, will continue to keep your food and drinks cold for a long time, even if it is not connected to energy with its German micro-cellular foam insulation.

Leave the cooling to your car refrigerator and enjoy. Our refrigerators, which are small in size but do a great job in practice, are suitable for use in your vehicle and ideal for a getaway. Our DE18 model weighs 9.1kg. Our car refrigerator, which can cool down to -22 degrees, has a fast cooling feature. Thanks to the 3-grade protection that protects your battery, your battery will not be completely discharged or damaged while your refrigerator is running.

It mainly keeps food and drinks fresh. E.g; beverage, vegetable, fruit, food and medicine.

Main Features

1-Leading in the industry with low power consumption.

2-Wancool high efficiency Compressor working with low noise

3-Summer and winter setting with adjustable temperature level

4-Intelligent adjustment level.

5-Cyclopentane insulation layer

6-Super cooling and insulation

7-It is ahead of its competitors with its large capacity.

Provides insulation after 8-7/24 power off.

9-German microcellular foam insulation.


Fridgers refrigerators, cooling products and Solar Energy Systems are produced in accordance with the Tropical Climate Class. Tropical climate class is the climate class in the equatorial belt between 18°C ​​and 43°C. We are happy to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in the tropical monsoon climate region of West Africa.


There are high-level protection systems in Fridgers products. Thanks to these protection systems, our products work more safely and healthily.

Reverse Connection Protection, which protects the system in case the battery poles are reversed, is the most important of these protections.

Low Voltage Protection, which shuts down the system at low voltage levels and prevents your battery from being exposed to deep discharge, is also a vital safety element.

At high voltage levels, there is an overvoltage protection that will protect your battery and your cabinet.

Over-Temperature Protection, if the system is operated in an extremely hot environment or the ventilation is limited, the over-temperature protection will be activated and the system will shut down.

If high pressure occurs in the system, the high pressure protection protects the system against it.

Low engine speed protection protects the engine if the engine fails to maintain the minimum speed.

There is battery protection that ensures the discharge of the battery and the power to start in the battery, especially in mobile vehicles such as caravans and trucks.

Fan motor current protection is the protection circuits that stop the system when the fan motor draws excessive current.

These protection features may vary from time to time according to the products.


For solar panel applications, you can easily use the model that suits you by examining our solar powered refrigerator/freezer power kits that can operate both 12V and 24V. Our products are also suitable for 24V systems.


Fridgers products performance standards are made in accordance with TSE EN ISO 15502 Cooling devices standard. The safety tests of the products are carried out according to the EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-24 Cooling Devices standard.


Please inform us in advance for productions that meet the military standards of NATO, WHO, UNDP or other organizations.


For productions that meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) or humanitarian aid organizations, please ask us for information in advance.

Cooling System CL Kompresör 30W
DC Cigarette Lighter Socket Cable Length 3.5m
Refrigerant Gas R134a
Voltage 12V and 24V Autosense
Model DE-VIP8
Usage Areas Mobile Refrigerator; It is used in many areas such as Auto, Truck, Bus, Caravan, Camping, Travel, Movie Set, Beach, Picnic, Fishing, Military Purpose, Festivals.
Material ABS / Aluminum
Temperature Range -18 / +10 Freezer / Fridge +55 Heater Microwave
Net Weight 9 kg
Gross Weight 10 kg
Power Consumption 45W (12V 4A / 24V 2A)
Battery Protection Short Circuit Protection - Fused
Military Grade / NATO Standards On Demand
Product Dimensions
Fridge Dimensions U493xG248xY220mm
Carton Box Dimensions U493xG248xY220mm
Color Black - Red
2 Years Warranty 2 Years Warranty

On all Fridgers Car Fridge&Freezer products and accessories

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You can see the options up to 12 month tally trade opportunities on the Bank Payment Screen!

8Lt Mobile Fridge & Freezer & Heater 12/24V
Compressored Refrigerator
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  • Model: DE-VIP8
  • Weight: 9.00kg
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All our refrigerator models come standard with a high quality 12/24V Power Cord.


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