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198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V

198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
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198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V

Fridgers DE198

198Lt Boat-Yacht and Caravan Fridge


Fridgers 12/24VDC Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerators meet your needs perfectly with its large volume and compact size for usage areas where the smallest centimeter is important, such as boats, yachts and caravans. With its security systems, it works fully compatible and efficiently with all vehicles and devices that it receives and supplies power. With the quality of the materials used in its production and the technologies it adopts, it provides service with the same determination for many years with the leading efficiency compared to its competitors.

The strong insulating material, which cuts off the connection of the frozen food stored for later consumption with the outside world, where temperature fluctuations can break the cold chain, keeps your food and beverages at the same temperature for a long time even if the power is cut, allowing you to consume your food at the time and freshness you want.

Our boat/yacht and caravan refrigerators, which we complete with super quiet and high efficiency compressors that we supply from world-proven companies, represent our 38 years of experience in terms of usage comfort and life.

If you are one of those travelers who instantly decide where and when to go, you can get away from the city or the land as much as you want with the Fridgers DE198 198Lt Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerator. It keeps the food that will be enough for the most crowded families for days by cooling it with the same determination without breaking the cold chain.

Fridgers DE198 Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerator, which perfectly meets all the needs of sea lovers who go to the open seas without stopping for a long time, or travelers who have a caravan at the same time, was produced with just such situations and much more in mind. Our specially produced refrigerator, which can operate with 12/24V and 220V, is large enough to meet all your needs with its large freezer and refrigerator chamber, and will always be with you as your most trusted assistant while you are traveling freely.

Fridgers DE198 198Lt Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerator is specially produced for yachts and caravans and has been specially produced for you to bring the comfort of your home anywhere. The large-volume icebox was designed with the blue paradise cruises that will last for days on the open seas in mind.

Fridgers DE198 Boat/Yacht and Caravan Refrigerator, which preserves the food you supply from the points you trust and know for your long journeys, with the same freshness as on the first day even on your longest journeys, has been designed with your experience with its silent compressor, stylish outer cabinet and drawer freezer. You can always find a place for the food and drinks you need to use daily in the large refrigerator reservoir, which you can arrange as you wish by adjusting the shelves.

With Fridgers DE198, which is specially produced for the need for a large-volume, stylishly designed and compact-sized refrigerator that will not take up much space in your boat or caravan, your stored food always stays the same freshness.

Our refrigerator, which can cool down to -18 degrees much faster than its competitors, and can keep your food fresh at +4 temperature, has 2 different compartments, a freezer and a refrigerator, which can be adjusted to different degrees.

Thanks to the glass shelves and cover shelves, it will be easier for you to store your food. Our boat/yacht and caravan refrigerator, which is the source of freshness and refreshment we have created for you, will allow you to easily use every inch of the storage chamber reserved for you.

Fridgers DE168, every feature of which has been developed based on your experiences, makes your journeys more enjoyable and comfortable. Thanks to its superior insulation, your food stays fresh at the same temperature for a long time even when your refrigerator is not working.

The operation can be performed between -18 and +4 degrees. Two separate heat orders can be given to two separate compartments.

You can use your refrigerator, which keeps food and drinks fresh, as a freezer if you want. Examples of what you can keep cold are beverages, vegetables, fruits, food and medicine.

DE198 Boat- Yacht and Caravan Refrigerator Features

1-Leading in the industry with low power consumption.

2-Sikelan brand high efficiency compressor operating with low noise

3-Adjustable temperature level

4-Large interior volume

5-Lockable covers

6-Super cooling and insulation

7-It is ahead of its competitors with its large capacity.

8-Automatic defrost

9-Height adjustable feet

10-Wheeled Foots for easy move

11-Removable and cleanable door tapes

12-Steel door hinges

13-Indoor lighting

14-Egg storage place

15-Battery Protection

16-Glass shelves

17-Organized and relocatable shelves

18- Car cigarette lighter power cable (1m)

19-Optional 220V Adapter

20-R134a safe refrigerant gas

21-Stainless steel

22-Stylish Design

23-Stylish Door Handles

24-3 Cover shelf

25-3 Refrigerator glass shelf

26-2 pieces of Ice Box shelves

27-1 refrigerator drawer

28-Cooling range -18° to +4°

29-Freezer 80 Liters

30-Refrigerator 118 Liters


Fridgers refrigerators, cooling products and Solar Energy Systems are produced in accordance with the Tropical Climate Class. Tropical climate class is the climate class in the equatorial belt between 18°C ​​and 43°C. We are happy to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, who experience the tropical monsoon climate in this surrounding for 5 months a year, from our sales that have been realized for more than 10 years from our Fridgers offices and sales points in West Africa, which is one of our important export points, especially in Nigeria and Ghana.


There are high-level protection systems in Fridgers products. Thanks to these protection systems, our products work more safely and healthily. Reverse Connection Protection, which protects the system in case the battery poles are reversed, is the most important of these protections. Low Voltage Protection, which shuts down the system at low voltage levels and prevents your battery from being exposed to deep discharge, is also a vital safety element. At high voltage levels, there is an overvoltage protection that will protect your battery and your cabinet. Over-Temperature Protection, if the system is operated in an extremely hot environment or the ventilation is limited, the over-temperature protection will be activated and the system will shut down. If high pressure occurs in the system, the high pressure protection protects the system against it. Low engine speed protection protects the engine if the engine fails to maintain the minimum speed. There is a battery protection that allows the battery to be discharged and the power to start, especially in mobile vehicles such as caravans and trucks, is maintained in the battery. Fan motor current protection are the protection circuits that stop the system when the fan motor draws excessive current. These protection features may vary from time to time according to the products.


For solar panel applications, you can easily use the model that suits you by examining our solar powered refrigerator/freezer power kits that can operate both 12V and 24V. Our products are also suitable for 24V systems.


Fridgers products performance standards are made in accordance with TSE EN ISO 15502 Cooling devices standard. The safety tests of the products are carried out according to the EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-24 Cooling Devices standard.


Please inform us in advance for productions that meet the military standards of NATO, WHO, UNDP or other organizations.


For productions that meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) or humanitarian aid organizations, please ask us for information in advance.

Suggestions for your refrigerator to work with higher performance:

- Do not fill your refrigerator more than 60%. Air must be circulated for performance.

- Make sure that the refrigerator door is fully closed.

- Do not overfill your refrigerator. Prevent the cap from bulging when closed. Do not apply pressure if the lid does not close completely.

- If possible, pre-chill the food and drinks in order to consume less energy.

- Carefully place the baskets in our removable refrigerators. Do not compress by applying pressure, you may damage the tub.

- Be careful not to open the lid too often. Every time the door is opened, you cause heat loss in your refrigerator. Do not act fast when opening and closing.

- You can increase the performance by using ice molds.

- Do not expose to direct sunlight.

- Leave the compressor area blank, do not close it.


- Before plugging the Fridgers Refrigerator into operation, check whether there are any cracks, cracks or any damage inside and outside. The user is responsible for any damage noticed later.

- If there is damage to the outer box of the product when receiving it from the cargo, do not take the delivery and keep a report. Document the product box with a photo and video recording. If there is a damage or malfunction situation by performing the controls of the product, keep a report and continue the procedure by calling 05412161090 and registering the Damaged Defective Product.

- After receiving your Fridgers Refrigerator, keep it flat for 6 hours and do not connect the energy. You can plug it in after 6 hours.

Battery Connection Cable 1m
Cooling System Sikelan
Defrost Type Auto Defrost
Power Supply Car lighter, connector
Refrigerant Gas R134a
Voltage 12V / 24V Autosense (220V Optional)
Model DE198-2
Capacity 198Liter (80L Freezer, 118L Fridge)
Usage Areas Caravan Refrigerator; It is used in many areas such as Bus, Caravan, Camping, Travel, Beach House, Summer House, Fishing, Military Purpose, Festivals.
Material Steel
Temperature Range -18 / +4 Freezer / Fridge
Net Weight 42kg
Gross Weight 47kg
Power Consumption 85W (12V 7A, 24V 3.5A)
Battery Protection Yes + Short Circuit Protection (solar charge controller)
Military Grade / NATO Standards Supply On demand
Product Dimensions
Fridge Dimensions 520*550*1515mm
Carton Box Dimensions 560*600*1550mm
Color Grey
2 Years Warranty 2 Years Warranty
198Lt Boat-Yacht-Caravan Fridge 12/24V
Compressored Refrigerator
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All our refrigerator models come standard with a high quality 12/24V Power Cord.

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